Film: 4890

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Sardaigne in Italy, Sardinia 1950's

A religious festival, men dressed in puffy trousers. Very Sicilian looking young man, herding sheep up a street in the town and then through olive groves. The shepherd wears the puffy trousers and a lose shirt and vest. A shepherd carrying a sheep, he looks like he is dressed in furs. Flat bread, a man turns a cheese out of a cheese mould. They eat a simple meal. A farmer working in the field. Little bugs in water. A triangle hut, rather like a tepee, made of sticks. A sick person in the hut, one of the shepherds tries to give her/him something to drink. Spraying reeds with insecticides? To keep down malaria? More sheep on the road. Women and children pulled on a cart. A tractor clearing land. Farm workers turning over soil, to make an irrigation ditch. One of the workers stop and drinks from a bottle of wine. A canal, farm workers work beside it to make irrigation channels A man sets off a firework. A religious procession. The women in traditional clothing. A priest anoints the crowd, an altar boy holds the censor. Bells swing from the open steeple. A dam? Water pouring out of a pipe. A family getting electricity in their house. Cows poking their heads through the fence posts. A celebration, the women all stand and drink from tiny glasses. A man plays the accordion. Folk dancing. A man weeding a field.

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