Film: 4892

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Ireland or Eire 1970's

Looking down at a horse's feet from behind. A horse pulls a caravan. A caravan camp. Harnessing the horse, girls surround a horse, preparing him for the ride Giving the horse water. Two girls sit outside the caravan, another drives the horse through a window in the caravan. Eggs and Sausages frying in a frying pan, a spatula lifts the eggs. A breakfast table, breakfast is served out. Reshoeing the horse. They arrive in a town and are met at the Weigh in . An Irish pub, someone plays a fiddle. A man lights cigarette, some plays the spoons. A girl dries her hair. A girl brushes her hair, another looks up from her bunk where she lies with a book. A camp fire. The group around it sing a Irish folk song, each with a bottle of beer in their hands.

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