Film: 4897

Sport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Horse racing in Australia - from the sophistication of the fashions and society and international thoroughbreds of the Melbourne Cup 1960's

to the small country mid-week race meetings to the hot dusty private picnic races of the Outback.

A close up of a group of race horses with colourful jockeys couched down low over their backs, racing to the finish line. The horses legs are show turning the bend in the race track. The horses come around a bend, the camera moves down to their racing legs again. The jockeys bend over their horses necks. A front view of the horses coming down the straight and moving in as they cross the finish line. The clerk of the course smiles broadly as he rides his white horse slowly, he wears a red riding jacket and a black riding cap.

Wide, high shot of the mounting yard and the crowds. A view of the large pack grand stand over the rose beds. A young woman moves away from the ticket queue, she wears a typical late 1960's style mini dress, and has flowers in her hair, other people mill about in fashions of the period. Tree women walk in the prestigious car park area, they also wear 1960's style fashions including floppy hats and mini-dresses, a policeman stands nearby. An Indian women wearing a sari chats with a woman and man, others stand on the lawns. Four east Asian men move through the crowd. A sartorial-looking Peter Jansen (?) in pinstriped suit and hat walks back through the crowd accompanied by an elegant blond woman. Three other women walk past the Rolls Royce and other prestige cars in the car park holding their hats and wearing mini-skirts and heels and carrying handbags. A woman steps out of a prestige car. A twirling umbrella is moved to reveal one of the female entrants in the "Fashions of the Field". The rear of a movie photographer with his eye to his camera which stands on a tripod. A young woman with short hair ad large square eyeglasses bright floral frock with a long fringe across the shoulder blades turns and looks at the camera, on the other side of the path into the mounting yards the crowds look over the fence.

Two entrants in the Fashions on the Field pose, one wears long white socks with her black mini-skirt and vest, the other a block frock and hat, photographers crouch around them and take photos. A high view of the crowd early in the day and the track and the lines of parked cars inside the race track. A view of the fashions of the field catwalk, and the entrants line up for judging. A young woman wears a pair of culottes under an open maxi-coat, with a low slung belt and a cowboy style hat and big round glasses the cutting edge of fashion. She looks towards the camera. Another woman wears a "hectic" floral printed pant suit, with a matching had scarf tide around her head, and the ties falling to one side. Another woman wears a rather bizarre scarf or hat, which has a yellow perspex shade down over her eyes in place of sunglasses, she wears big white plastic ring earrings. Another woman wears a black and white printed mini dress, the material of which her hat and boots are made!

In the car park, people sip champagne and stand around fold up tables, or on fold up chairs. Society women stand about a long table eating the traditional chicken and champagne "breakfast" and all sorts of other catered delights. The clerk of the course rides by, a rose from the rose garden in close-up. An older wealthy looking man pours champagne for a woman in an orange shantung silk coat frock, he smiles at a blond on his right. The stewards lead the horses up between the rose beds into the mounting yard. The beautiful blond woman sips her champagne. Three more women are shown, one wearing a very outrageous hat, another has black and white check large round sunglasses. An elderly man wears a fawn top hat with his morning suit. A beautiful looking thoroughbred is led past a high bank of red roses. More women pictured wearing hats. A shot of two women walking by, the shot from their waist to their knees. (!) Another strange hat. Another waist to knee shot of a miniskirt wearer.

A jockey nimbly mounts his horse in the mounting yard. A woman wearing many bracelets holds a flat champagne glass over a food laden picnic table, another hand pours more champagne. Another jockey mounts his horse in the mounting yard, the horse is held by stewards. A crystal champagne glass held by a woman is filled with champagne by another woman, they stand with a third woman and all three wear fashionable hats. A middle-aged man looks very elegant a top hat as he moves in front of the grand stand. The horses are all mounted, the jockeys walk them around the mounting yard. Officials lead the horses and jockeys a sequence of shots of women and their hats, and the mounted horses being led.

A view of the crowd at a mid-week country race meeting with far less sophisticated facilities and people, an older and smaller grand stand and viewing platform, and a much smaller mounting yard, with a small number of bookmaker stands. Another modern brick and steel building and more bookmaker stalls. Horses are led onto the track, the race course is surrounded by virgin bush. The horses leave the mounting yards and are ridden onto the track. A very modest viewing stand at a country track with open sides and a rusty corrugated iron roof, not dissimilar to a hay shed, people sit and stand in the stand, and many people stand in front of it watching the race. Three male race-goers watch the horses progress through their binoculars. The horses fly around the bend, with the bush in the background. A high wide view as they come up the last straight, past the car park and to the finish line from where the modest crowd watches. Several men sand watching, most with binoculars. Another man is glued to his binoculars. The horses pass the finish line, rather than roses and car park inside the track as at the city race course, the ground is marshy and unkempt.

The people on the hill watch with concentration the finish line at the larger Sandown Park in Sydney. Here the people are more formally dressed than at the county race meeting. A wide view of Sandown Park buildings and facilities shows ugly 1960's style architecture, the buildings and facilities very large to cater for the crowds. However, a view from the stand shows an attractive race track and mounting yard. Two shots show the modern facilities at Sandown Park including a wide ramp instead of stairs from the stand, and large on course betting area. The gates open and the horses fly away. A view from high in the stand follows the horses progress below the viewing area is packed with people. A man holds a radio transistor to his ear to get a detailed description of the race. Horses fly over a hedge in the steeple chase. A man looks at the race through his binoculars. A rider-less horse canters down the steeple chase course. Randwick Race Course with its modern stands is the home of Australian horse racing. It has a huge capacity for crowds in its 1960's style stand. A view of the course shows people and facilities on both sides of the track in the very centre is a tightly packed car park. A view of the betting area with the crowds. People queue up to place a bet. The horses are paraded in the mounting yard. People lean on the fences, there are well tended flower beds. A sequence of shots of bookmakers in he betting area. The gates of the mobile barrier open, the horses fly off to a start. A front view of the track shows the horses move in towards the inside rails quickly after leaving the barrier. A woman in a smart mustard and fawn hat watches through her binoculars. A young man in an Aran knit sweater holds his cigarette in one hand as he watches the race through binoculars. The horses come up the straight, an ambulance follows the horses at a close distance, in the background the roofs of suburban houses can be seen. The middle aged women in the crowd cheer nervously. Two young women in fashionable hats look on excitedly. The horses slow as they pass the finish line.

In contrast, a group of about eight horses round the bend of a very dusty private race course on a property in the outback, Brunette Downs is a 5,000 square mile cattle run, light planes stand off in the distance only the last few yards of fencing before the finish line is white, the horses thunder past the finish post. Two young woman wearing head scarves and sunglasses stand watching the race, on is filming with a small home movie camera, the other has a still camera around her neck. The eight horses thunder towards the finish post raising a great cloud of dust. The outback residents in jeans and moleskins, check shirts and stock boots lean over the rails. There is a view of the rear of the two women from the waist down, showing their short miniskirts and legs. On the flat dusty dry country, and old-fashioned bus pulls into the area where other cars are parked. Young female tourists alight from the bus. A station wagon car pulls into a car space beside a Toyota Landcruiser utility. People get out of the Toyota, a young father, his wife and young son and their teenage daughter, the women are dressed in white and pale pink. A sequence of shots of the people attending the race meeting, they are mostly neighbouring graziers and outback people, the men wear Akubra hats and drink beer out of small bottles, many of the women wear casual clothes. A row of very basic tents provides the accommodation, people move in and out of the tents. A women pushes aside her tent flap, in the background caravans are visible. Outside a caravan, people sit about on folding chairs on the dusty ground, with a small wood camp fire for cooking, and a folding table that holds mostly brown beer bottles. Four men are eating breakfast, one of the men is cooking on the open fire. A home made iron cook top and sides around the fire are perfect for cooking the big steaks, bacon and eggs. A man sits in his folding chair wearing his pyjamas, eating his bacon and eggs from the plate on his knee, another man sits on the portable food cooler behind him, drinking tea in the bright morning sunshine. A young woman laughs as she eats her breakfast BBQ sandwich. An older man forks eggs into his mouth, on the folding table sits a tomato sauce bottle and a rum bottle. An aborigine stockman sits casually on the race track railings as a man in a typical Australian bushman's shirt and hat leads his horse by. People mill around the bookmakers. Others stand on the rails anticipating the races. Bob Howie, a bookmaker, calls the odds for a win only on the four horse event. A jockey mounts his horse, the jockey is a stockman, his horse a stock horse, as are all the other horses. A "bookie" calls his odds. Another stockman, resplendent in jockey silks, mounts his stock horse, helped by a fellow stockman. Bob Howie encourages bets. A "jockey" mounts his horse with a stockman's less nimble movement. Another bookies calls for bets. Bearded Geoff Harvey, later a well known Channel 9 television personality, places a bet, the bookmaker writes his ticket. The jockeys are seen thought the old timber railings of the stations cattle yards, they prepare for the race in the mounting area. A queue of men line up to place their bets. Stockmen lean on the railings and watch for the race to begin. The bookmakers stack their money as all bets are off. In the vast flat red country, five horses run the long straight home. The "clerk of the course" in hat, fawn shirt and moleskins accompanies the horses and jockeys into the mounting yard. One jockey looks particularly broad shouldered in his silks. The aborigine sitting along the railings has been joined by two little boys who hang over the rails. An aerial view of the race course and sheds, and tents and car park in the red ground of the outback. A wide aerial view of the Brunette Downs race track.

Flemington Race Course, Melbourne, on Melbourne Cup Day. Women watch the start of the race, people pack the stands. Smartly dressed people line the entry to the mounting yard. Two young women in smart hats wear large framed glasses. The barrier gates open, the horses fly from the barrier, suburban Melbourne is in the background. Women in the stands watch excitedly. The horses come around for the first time. People in the crowd know there is another mile to go, so remain calm. A woman in a yellow hat and matching frock begins to get excited. As the horses come around the bend and into the final straight, Rain Lover makes his presence felt and goes on to win by a neck. A section of the huge crowd is seen. The horses are brought back into the ring, led by the victorious Rain Lover who is proceeded by the Clerk of Course, the crowds cheer either side. Aerial view of Rain Lover and his jockey as they are cheered by the crowds and surrounded by press photographers. The jockey waves to the crowds, his hat and whip in hand. Photographers crouch, a television camera stands by. Credits as the owner accepts the Melbourne Cup.

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