Film: 4899

Industry + Work | 1930 | Silent | B/W


The cotton textile industry.
Intertitle: Raw cotton comes from the cotton plant. black women workers pick cotton off plant.
Intertitle: It comes by sea from tropical lands. Sacks of cotton being loaded onto a ship in Africa. Sacks of cotton stacked in the hold.
Intertitle: The ships come to our ports. Shot of docks qnd cranes.
Intertitle: With raw cotton for the mills of Britain. General shots of cotton towns and mills.
Intertitle: Here the machines pull and twist the fluffy cotton into long threads. Good shot of woman worker at the machine checking it's working smoothly. Close up of unprocessed cotton as it goes through the machine. A woman worker keeps the surfaces of the machine clean and clear.
Intertitle: The thread is wound on to large "reels". Shot of large reels going round and round including close up of cotton winding on at top of the reel.
Intertitle: Some of it is used in making artificial silk. Good shot of machines being tended to by women including close ups.
Intertitle: Some is made into sewing cotton. More cotton bobbins. Feeding the cotton onto small sewing reels.
Intertitle: Most of it is woven into cloth. Cotton loom weaving thread into cloth including close ups which are very good. Shot of factory floor with machines and women workers.
Intertitle: Cotton cloth for sheets and pillowslips. A woman asleep in bed!
intertitle: Cotton for curtains and quilts. Close up of a woman hand sewing, machine sewing with a hand winding machine and school girls sewing a quilt.
Intertitle: Cotton for cool summer clothes. Children dance around a maypole.

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