Film: 490

Media | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Pirate Radio in the 1960's Radio Caroline

Disc jockey on air in a studio. Cut to mast of a ship at sea.
London. Double-decker bus in busy London street. Camera pans to BBC transmission tower in London. Buckingham Palace, guards marching. Rows of marching guards outside the gates of Buckingham Palace. Cut to a left-hand drive car in London. A passenger (man) points into the air, and the camera follows the direction of his arm, stopping on the BBC tower. Shot of Broadcasting House (BBC headquarters).
Carnaby Street, London. Busy street scene with many pedestrians. Sign above shop, 'Freeman Hardy Willis'. Camera shows young man and young, blonde-haired woman walking arm-in-arm. They stop to speak to two London policemen. Close-up of the woman, then of the man.
Mayfair, London. Shot of 'Radio Caroline' sticker (with a skull and crossbones) on the back of a car parked on a street. Camera pans to the entrance to Caroline House, which two young women are entering. A young woman's legs and miniskirt, viewed from behind. Same young man is speaking on the telephone in an office, he is the boss of Radio Caroline. Beside him at his desk is a bust of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in profile. The man sits at his desk, speaking to the camera; the camera zooms out to a wider-angle, bringing into view the bust of Kennedy. The man gestures with his hand in the direction of Kennedy.
Cut to shot of ship at sea. Men in a boat toss packages to men in a second boat. The flag of Panama flutters in the wind. A ship named 'Caroline'. Cut to a radio studio in the interior of the ship. DJ with headphones on plays records (small and large) on turntables. Shot of records stacked on shelves. A man smoking a long, somewhat thin cigar. Young men approaching and then pushing open a door with stickers on it: 'Hands Off Pop Pirates'; 'Save Pop Radio'; 'The Sexecutive';'Meet Us on 390 Metres';'CHAT-TV';'Radio City 299';'Wonderful Radio London Club'; and Playboy bunny symbol. A man enters a record library, its walls lined with shelves containing records. He picks up a small record (45 rpm) and puts it on a revolving turntable (close-up). Young men clapping, as seen from a floor-level camera. A man moving to the beat of music while he picks up a sandwich and puts it in his mouth. Woman's white underpants attached to a wall, above which the wall is painted to resemble a woman's brassiere, on which is written 'Radio Caroline 259'. DJ in a studio. Camera focuses on a revolving turntable. Young man writing on a pad of paper with letterhead for 'Radio Caroline'.
Cut to a middle-aged man in a three-piece suit sitting at a wooden table surrounded by leather chairs. Man speaks to camera, an official from the Post Office. Cut to young man speaking to camera. Cut back to middle-aged man. Cut back to young man speaking to camera. A man standing beside a parking meter in London speaks to the camera. Close-up of an adhesive sticker, 'I Want My Caroline'; then camera zooms out, and reveals that the sticker is on a Mini parked in a London street. One man listens to a hand-held radio close to his ear, and sways gently to the music, while another man washes the front of the Mini. Two young women sitting in a room looking at photos of men. Young woman whistling and swaying to the beat of music from a transistor radio. A young man and a young woman dance while girls behind them look at photos. A close-up shot of a young man speaking to the camera, with a young woman in the background.
Panning shot (from feet to head) of a young woman, swaying/dancing to music, dressed in knee-high boots and a mini-dress. Shot of drums being struck by drumsticks; then camera pans to a crowded dance floor filled with young men and young women dancing. A succession of shots of young men and young women dancing: they wear clothing typical of the anti-establishment youth culture of the late 1960s. A blonde-haired woman wearing a patterned mini-dress dances. Close-up of her face. A young woman wearing a short mini-dress dances and swings her head from side to side. A young woman with cropped dark hair dances. A young man with a 19th-century military-style jacket (with epaulettes) dances. Close-up of a blonde-haired woman dancing; the camera pans left to the face of a young man who is also dancing. View from above of young people on a crowded dance floor.

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