Film: 4900

Social History | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie.
Three children or pre adolescent boys play on a beach with a stripy beach ball. Sea side scene. An older man in the background plays with a ball, as well as the young boys. suburban looking back yard of a house with trellis, lawnmowers, lawn furniture. Close up of children pulling faces at the camera. Three boys and a tabby cat pose. Cat in trellis. Cat in father's arms. Cat in mother's arms. Young boy riding a bicycle. More playing with beach ball in the back yard. Heavy waves on the breakwater. Dad in a duffle coat sits on a wall. Climbs off the wall. Climbs onto gabled roof. Pulls himself along the parapet towards a weather vane. Older man ( father?) and young man ( son?) fish with a net by the sea. In the back garden reading the newspaper, smoking cigarette and drinking. A family occasion, all relations gather around table outside drinking. Sunbathing. Laughing. Walking down the road in bathing costumes towards the beach.

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