Film: 4901

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie family life. 1937 to 1942
A nanny pushes a child in a perambulator or pram in the park. Mother carries child towards camera. Father helps toddler walk. Nanny pulls child along in a toy car. Dark shots of child in pedal car. (colour) Child in wooden playpen in garden including close ups of child smiling. Nanny and boy walk towards camera. In the garden, the young boy plays with his red pedal car. Toddler in 1930's-style bathing costume toddles across grass. In the park playing with toys. Baby lies on a blanket kicking his legs and laughing as he plays with his rattle. Making sand castles at the beach while mother and nanny watch. (b/w) Nanny or a nurse with baby in back garden including close up. (colour) Puzzled baby in pram. Older brother runs around. (b/w) Nanny and toddler with pedal car and dog. Baby walking towards his mother. (colour) Child in garden. Nanny and baby watch from a window. Baby with toy horse on wheels. Baby and toy fall over. Older brother helps younger sibling. (colour) Nurse pushes child on toy horse across the garden. Three children, including a girl, and two nannies play in the garden with a ball, a skipping rope, a toy horse on wheels. (b/w) The family at the beach. Paddling in the water with the nannies. (colour) Nanny and mother in bare feet at the beach. The children play with buckets of sand. Excellent shots of nanny and children in the sea. Father and child paddling. General seaside shots. Nanny making sand castles with children, walking across the sands. Sailing toy boats, goat and cart rides. Family picnic in the countryside. Child swinging on swing in tree. A car rally. The nanny sits on a rug in front of a car with red-haired toddler. Children run down country road. Boys naked in the summer playing in the garden. Ring-a-ring-a-roses with father. The two young boys play ring-a- roses. The older boy dressed a Pan with his pipes. The younger boy dressed as King Henry VIII play in the garden with their dad and dogs. Includes close ups of Henry VIII. In a London park (Regent's Park?). The boys dressed in marching green out fits play with the dog, a three wheeled tricycle and their nanny dressed in a brown uniform. Dad on a bicycle doubling the younger one in the back garden of a country house. Mum and boys in the paddock. The boys dressed in matching suits play with tennis racquets and run around the garden. The younger boy is dressed in khaki and a cap. He salutes and marches towards the camera. The older boy does the same, he carries a model airplane in his hand. At the beach, they are still in their khakis and wellington boots. The younger boy climbs the rocks, digs in the sand (as does the older boy). Shot of two boys and two older men all dressed in military uniform. They all salute. Riding ponies in the country. More naked paddling in the back garden. A picnic in a haystack. Digging the garden.

(11 mins 40 secs)

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