Film: 4902

Social History | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. 1937 - 1944
Adults playing (?) in garden. Horse and cart in country road. Woman on a bicycle with a dog. General dark shots of adults walking towards camera and mucking about. (colour) Very red footage of a couple acting out a meeting, shaking hands, smiling at one another. Walled flower garden. Women paddling in the sea. (b/w) Woman walks down a path of a stone half-timbered cottage. Two women in 1930's clothes walk down steps of building. (colour) Very red footage of garden party and taking tea. Sailing, yachts. A yacht race. Two couples walk up a beach, one woman wears a white trouser suit, a man is on crutches. A young man juggles stones. A woman paddles in the surf. A couple and Jack Russell terrier walk along the shore. The couples from the beach scene on a small boat. (b/w) A young woman laughs at the camera. A young man toasts the camera. (colour) Two women in the street. Two women on a long country road with a dog. Brilliant shot and beautiful colour of three of the two couples leaning against a haystack having a picnic. (b/w) A small pony pulls a bath chair carrying a woman and her new born baby. A woman walks across the lawn of a country house (colour) young man in uniform poses against a fertile farming landscape. He pills his pipe with tobacco from a pouch and lights it. Young girl on a balcony with an older woman - either her nanny or her mother.

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