Film: 4903

Social History | 1930 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Quite sophisticated amateur home movie with dissolving inter titles.
Including Major Fuller, Mr Floyd, Captain and Mrs Brassey, the Misses Bartholomew and Mrs Stancomb.
Beagle hounds and huntsmen gather. They are off. A young boy (6) on a black pony had 'missed the hunt'. Dogs on the chase around a hedge - they are the Stancomb Pack. (b/w) Slow motion footage of the Stancomb Pack dogs running alongside the fence. At normal speed the dogs race across a paddock. Different dogs (terriers, hounds) sniff the ground. Point to point featuring Mrs Lysley, Lady Katherine Cairns, Mrs Spence and Mrs Errington. In the car park, several women smoking. Colour is superb. The women are betting, they all carry slips of paper in their hands. Mrs Phipps and Mr and Mrs Bartholomew. (b/w) People walk across a field. The chairman Major Fuller runs at the camera pointing his walking cane like a blunderbuss. Captain Slessor has beautiful manners, he tips his hat at the camera. Mrs Errington and Mr and Mrs Spence give Mrs Stancomb a drink. (colour) They sit between two cars on a rug drinking, eating and smiling at the camera. (Cannot ID the cars). Our noble master, country people in tweeds, a man wearing a Macintosh and carrying a cane. Captain Drayson, Major and Mrs Wedderburn-Maxwell and Mr and Mrs Macaulay all smile and laugh at the camera. One man smokes a cigarette with a holder, another man writes on a betting slip. The Member Race: Gerry and Chris Fuller leading in a steeplechase. Several horses jump over a hedge fence. The other races, going down for the start of the open. Good shot of jockeys on their horses riding to the start of a country race. One man wears a red hunting jacket, someone in the background wears a military uniform. (b/w) Jockeys and their horses clear a fence at the bottom of a hill. One horse and its rider fall at the fence. He is not hurt. The camera is at another jump which is surrounded by spectators. Horses running across open gerund and down a hill to another jump. Prudence winning the farmers, slow motion shot of rider and horses riding across open ground. (colour) Avondale Hunter Trials 1939 Celebrities seen there. Mrs Lysley stands resplendent in a turquoise suit, silver fox fur, white gloves and a country walking cane which doubles as a hat. She also wears a hat and is backgrounded by a line of cars including an Austin. The Member's Trial. Harold Drayson and horse jump in slow motion over a fence. Ronald Phipps (b/w) horse attempts to jump a fence but refuses at the last moment, this is in slow motion. The horse finally jumps. Jack Ritchie's horse jumps happily. John Bartholomew jumps messily over a fence. Dorothy Macaulay and her horse jump several fences. Major Filler's horse only jumps on the third attempt. Gerry Fuller jumps. Captain Henshaw does the same. Chris Fuller has trouble with his horse who refuses to jump at all. Major Bolton, Steamline Percy, Chris, again and again, his horse will not jump. Harold Drayson. Pair jumping. Who are they? Harold Drayson and Denis Dobbs. First in ordinary motion, then in slow motion. Dorothy Macauley and Tony Morley in slow motion over a fence. Ronald Phipps and Jack Ritchie in slow motion too. Captain Boyle and Tony Kaye. An unknown pair also jump in slow motion. Open. Jack Ritchie nice mid shot of Jack jumping over a hedge with several spectators standing around. The unknown again. Major Bolton in slow motion jumps over a ditch. As does Tony Morley. Codrington beats his horse prior to jumping the ditch. The championship. Major Bolton, Joan Lysley rides up a hill on a piebald horse to jump a fence at the top. Lyn Leventon jumps in slow motion over a fence. As does Ronald Phipps. And Jack Ritchie, one of a few moustached men. Tony Morley jumps too.

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