Film: 4904

Social History | 1940 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie. France 1949
(colour) Pan along a beach with a yacht moored, down to a woman wearing a peasant style white blouse and blue flower patterned full skirt standing on the rocks by the sea. She smiles up at the camera. She walks down a street, behind her is La Reserve Miramar Hotel with an outdoor cafe with white sun umbrellas. She waits to cross the road. She crosses the road to the sea wall. General shots of the promenade and cars and motor cycles driving along the road. The motor cyclist wears no helmet and short sleeves. Pan along seafront restaurants. The woman from the earlier shot is sun bathing in a two piece, she looks very burnt. Pan around the rest of the beach, umbrellas, child running into the sea. Tracking shot from a moving vehicle of rocky mountains, a harbour with the sun glinting off mast of boats. Pan from a high viewpoint to a beautiful bay surrounded by green headlands and some buildings on the hill side. Pan across the sea, and up the mountains to a settlement on the top of the mountains. Cars driving along the mountain road across a high level bridge as seen in the south of France, Europe. Views of a coastal town and the bay in which it seats. Our heroine is back, asking a local woman for directions. Street shots. (b/w) Very murky shots of a castle on a hill and surrounding farmland. Not in good condition. Over exposed and scratched. An official entourage of cars, (Citroens), a bus and motorcycle drive past a group of spectators standing opposite a railway line. Cliff view of the sea. Sun glinting on the water. Heroes and Martyr memorial to the Resistance ( joined backwards to the rest of the film ). A giant sculpture of a clenched fist holding a dagger. A man in a beret, smoking a cigarette sits in a lovely convertible car. He looks proud of himself. Could be a Renault, Citroen. Pan across a hill side town. Sign on building reads Byrrh. (But film is backwards...!) Bridge over a river with traffic going over it. Another coastal town on a peninsula jutting out into the sea. Mid shots of the town. Close ups of the rocks and sea panning down to a naked woman ( except for a bathing cap! ) sitting in the water. She turns to the camera and smiles coyly. And dives into the water, waving at the camera. She swims to shore. A man is in the water larking about for the camera. He wears bathers. He sits at the waterside. He stands and prepares to dive but belly flops. He swims around to a beach ball. Another man gingerly stops in the water and tries to dive but also belly flops. Several people play about in the water, including a child on a lilo type thing. A man dives and belly flops. Another man dives bombs into the water. A naked man covered only by a towel is chased along by a woman wearing a two piece ( not quite a bikini but hipster lower piece and very low cut bra top ), who tries to get the towel off him. Pan along a beach with fishing boats.

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