Film: 4905

Social History | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie.
One man, a woman and one man in military uniform ride horses down an autumnal or wintry lane. They ride through a gate in the road. The woman wears a black riding habit and rides side saddle. The horse gets a bit frisky with her. She brings it under control. People are gathered at a crossroad with horses. Five people ride down a country lane on horses, two women riding side saddle. Other women riding normally. The gathered horses and riders set off on what appears to be a cross country ride. It is a hunt. A man in a red jacket appears on a horse with dogs trotting behind him. More shots of beagles and huntsmen and huntswomen. (B/w) A young woman leads a horse round a snowy yard. Two dogs fight and chase each other round the snowy yard. Close up of the woman hugging her horse and smiling, rubbing her cheek against the horse's neck. She has mounted the horse and is being lead round the yard by a man in a polo neck. The dogs continue to chase one another. The woman and two men walk arm-in-arm towards the camera. In the background is a groom carrying a case who goes into one of the stables. (colour) A young woman wearing a white blouse, a dark pinafore and a tie sits in a cart and drives a pony. Back yard of a country house or home with grandma and grandpa, dad and a young boy child on a speckled grey pony. The boy has deep red hair, he turns and smiles at the camera. Grandma, wearing a beige tweed suit, red ........... and white blouse waves at the camera. Mum wearing a flowery 1950's summer frock, pale blue cardigan, white framed sunglasses and black pumps looks funky. Dad gently slaps the pony and then attempts to lead. He gets on the pony himself who still refuses to move, being more interested in eating the grass. Long shot of grandma and red-haired grandson feeding black chickens. Pan across the front of the house. Young boy crouching in the shade of a tree in front a paddock of cows suddenly stands straight to attention and looks at the camera. Mum and grandma walk down a slope of green grass, pause and continue walking towards the camera. It looks a picture of a family idyll. Pan across view of the countryside, farms, farm houses, villages, general English countryside shots. A horse and cart bring in a harvest of hay bales. Close up of two dogs. A terrier swifts its way down the road.

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