Film: 4906

Social History | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie.
Pan across a tidal bay, the Miranda. Two women walk down some steps. One wears a turquoise coat and pink dress, the other wears a beige coat and blue dress. A man in a checked shirt, smoking a pipe sits in a 30 foot yacht holding the tiller. Behind him we can see the wash. He holds the sheet (rope) of the red sail. Out of focus shot of a small yacht and dinghy coming into an estuary to berth. Very blurred shot of yacht at sea with several people on board. it looks as though someone has caught a fish. The boat is in dry dock (registration number LI. 141). Several men stand around it looking embarrassed, they are all drinking and smoking. One man strokes a Spaniel dog. A man and a woman walk towards the yacht, the man has his arm over the woman's shoulder. He helps her into the boat, which is now afloat. They toast the cameraman, drink their drinks down and start talking earnestly to one another. The man with the pipe paddles his dingy with one oar out to his yacht. He ties the dingy to the buoy and motors out of the mooring. More blurred footage. A beautiful house with French doors opened. A dovecote with birds in it. Pan around the garden to a woman throwing bread fro the birds. Several doves fly towards tier. Doves on the grass. Doves in a fountain. Pan across a rural back garden. Pan across a rural landscape of patch work fields, a road with old style telegraph poles, hills and vales. A country garden with roses, foxgloves at the back of a house. Close up of a duck washing itself in a puddle. Ducks on a pond. ducks in weed covered moat. Long shot of moat and manor house with castle-like towers. Wells cathedral, Somerset, front with people sitting on the grass outside. Pan up front of cathedral and past outlying buildings. View down a wells street, framed by an arch, a woman walks down the street. More views of the street, perhaps church buildings? Close up of a clock. More views of the moat. More ducks, including a white bird - a goose? More quaint streets with shops and a bare flagpole in the Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England. Pans across hill country (Porlock, Selworthy?).

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