Film: 4908

Social History | 1940 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie.
Gardens of a large house seen in background. A group of seven people two women and fire men stand in the grounds. One woman wears a distinctive pair of trousers and hat reminiscent of the 1940's. One man smokes a pipe. An older gentleman wearing a bow tie is turned towards the camera by one of the younger men. General shots of the small gathering follow. At one point in this montage the camera is shaken and the picture is blurred. A young woman removes a sock ( or stocking or tights ). The camera pans to a small group of people standing watching. The young woman teases the dog with her stockings. The camera moves abruptly upwards. We see brief shots of Moorish type houses on the top of a hill. Close up of a young man with long hair ( contrary to the style of the time ) rowing a small boat. Cut to two men moving rapidly through surf in a boat with old fashioned outboard motor. Shot from the hillside of spectators or onlookers looking at the two men in the boat. A young man oils his motorbike. An open top motorcar makes its way through narrow streets. Another car reminiscent of 1930's gangster film with only one headlight passes around two corners at high speed. A young man turns a corner rapidly. This shot is curtailed briefly, in the fashion of jump shot. On the next cut we see the same family relaxing. This footage has been filmed in Kodachrome. Two young men sit at a table. Two glasses of beer sit in front of them. Camera pans taking in more single men sitting on a wall on deck chairs reading newspapers. A young woman with dark glasses reclines on a deck chair. A man in his 40's carries a green deck chair. He wears a distinctive tan suit with checks on it. On his shoulder is perched a pink cockatoo or parrot, with white wings and a beak. Panning shot across a well tended garden with three upturned boats lying on stone flagging. Panning shot of a large flower bed with large red tree. Two shots of the bay with Welsh mountains in the background. An excellent shot of Portmeirion, North Wales, with the church or convent or monastery well foreground. Panning shot of bay. Medium shot of young woman with red hair sitting down looking at camera. Another panning shot of the convent or monastery. A young woman bathing and paddling in the sea. A woman with a multi-coloured dress in a distinctive check pattern turns to look at the camera. Three women in 1950's dress sit on low deck chairs. In the background behind them we see two motorcars. Good panning shot of bay with tide out and mountains in the background. A young woman wearing 1940's red polka-dot dress and sunglasses and an older man with a tuxedo step onto a mock up or reconstruction of a sailing boat. Situated on dry land. Brief panning shot (somewhat shaky) of bay at dusk. Close up of convent or monastery. A young couple embrace and fight playfully. Brief shot of Spitfire or Hurricane fighter plane. Another panning shot of the harbour. Man in trench coat with young woman in distinctive 1940's blue suit walk towards camera. A sequence of shots of motorbike and sports cars racing taken at night.

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