Film: 4909

Social History | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie.
A middle aged couple dance around their back garden. They are joined by another woman. Dance resembles a poor version of Scottish country dancing. a beach scene. Two men in shorts prepare a small boat with outboard motor and ours on a rocky beach close to the sea. Panning shot from right to left showing hill top church, beach and the sea. Panning shot along sea front with people. Sunbathing, swimming. Young boys in canoes. A green Austin Humber departs from the village. Waves crash against the sea shore, as a storm brews up and starts. Several of these left to right pans are filmed. Long shot of beach, with the tide going out, set against a backdrop of sunshine and blue skies. Two older women sit down on deck chairs. A Whippet dogs moves amongst them. Two men stand above them on a wall, one holding a camera. Close up of old women with grey hair taken from behind a rose bush. Quality of this shot is poor because it is underexposed. Panning shot taking into two men lighting cigarettes, the old woman on her deck chair and the rose bush. Cut to a man mowing his lawn with old fashioned lawn-mower. He pretends to fall over in a melodramatic fashion. a couple sit on their deck chairs bathing in the sun. The man clearly resembles Alan Whicker. He removes his glasses and takes a drink from a large red glass or tumbler. He raises the glass to the camera. A yellow coloured Whippet, similar to the one already seen plays in the background. Cut to another family scene. Two women approximately late 30's wear blue pinafores. Both stroke dogs. We see an older woman with grey hair wearing a purple cardigan. One of the women stands up and places a yellow budgerigar on her head. The budgie is then placed on the head of the dog which remains unmoved. An older man with the same budgie on his shoulder approaches the camera in a playful mood. He winks. Two men in a boat approach and land on the beach. Four people ( perhaps the father and mother ) are joined by a young woman and set off in a boat. The young woman waves back at the shore as does the mother. The father starts the outboard motor. The boat passes the camera and mum raises a blue parasol. A group of three figures climb up a rocky outcrop. They climb along exposed parapets weaving their way through a network of chalk or limestone caves. A man dressed in a suit approaches the camera. A group of villagers commemorate Bastille day (?) and follow an entourage of men carrying three French flags. A group of children follow in their wake.

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