Film: 4910

Social History | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie.
French Seaport. Various cars and vans of 1950's vintage are parked overlooking the bay. Panning shot of bay taking into account views of hotels and houses perched on surrounding hills. Medium shot of motorboat or speedboat. A young swims to and from the motorboat. Two panning shots of bay, one of the sea and the horizon, the second of the small village and bay. Young man wearing dark shorts applies oil or sunscreen or suntan lotion to his body. Long shot of motorboat. Another panning shot of bay with small houses and verdant hills covered with foliage in the background. View of beach from pier. Close up of a rose ( print very dark and under exposed ). Panning shot of hill top hotel and restaurant with French flag in view. Rugged coastline. Young woman enters water in 1950's one-piece bathing suit or costume. Brief but effective panning shot of tables and parasols laid out near the waters edge. The sun shines on the water in the background. Close up of women in bathing suit removing green head band from her hair. Panning shot of port with fishing boats and colonial style houses in background. Excellent shot of old town architecture ( port unidentified ). Small sailing boat approaches harbour. Exterior of church or official residence or government offices. Fully uniformed guard of honour stands to attention a some local dignitaries or members of a family ( married couple ) enter a carriage. Ceremonial guards with distinctive red hats (fez) march off. Panning shot of old city walls and people sitting on a wall near the sea eating fruit and drinking wine. A woman wears a distinctive yellow headband with black spots, and one of the men wears distinctive maroon trousers. This man and woman embrace and kiss.

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