Film: 4913

Adverts | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Green Shield stamps.

A supermarket with lots of women in the aisles, many with platinum blonde hair. The housewives take things off the shelf and put them in their baskets. At the cashier, closeups of a woman putting groceries in her handbag. The cashier hands out green shield stamps, the smiling well dressed woman walks out of the store.
A warehouse, a green shield stamps van at a loading dock. A man walks through the rows of goods with a clipboard. Stacks and pallets of goods in the warehouse. A worker puts goods on the shelf. Another puts a box of torches on a conveyor belt. Dishes stacked on the shelves. Chairs stacked on top of one another.
A woman sits down on her couch and licks her green sheild stamps and puts them in her book. She looks through the catalogue of what she can get with the stamps.
The exterior of a Green Shield stamps Gift House. The interior with people looking in the glass cases. Dolls and sports equipment displayed. A bedroom laid out, rather like an IKEA display. A kitchen display, very chrome and white arborite. Signs saying how many books on item is. The counter area of the store with a line of women at the counter waiting to be served, rather like an Argos. A woman empties her handbags full of Green shield Stamp books onto the counter. The sales woman brings a portable sewing machine from behind the counter and opens it for the lady to look at it. Good view of Oxford Street? London. A man sits behind a desk, looks very gaunt, shuffles papers.

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