Film: 4923

Animation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Dinosaurs. Animated film.
Soundtrack of female teacher in school trying to control an unruly class of boys and girls. Paper aeroplanes are thrown across frame. The teacher moves into shot with her back to camera, and writes the word "Dinosaur" on the blackboard. There follows an animation sequence of chalk drawn monsters and lizards on the blackboard. The voice over discusses dinosaurs and their relationship to reptiles. A diagram of a large 100 ton dinosaur has dimensions of size marked on it, and it is compared with the smallest dinosaur. The sequence is aimed at a young audience, and the large dinosaur stamps on the smaller one. The relationship between dinosaurs and birds is discussed, and the animation moves into colour, as different types of dinosaur are shown. It is plasticine modelling. The dinosaur's diet is discussed. The animation returns to chalk drawings of bones and skeletons.
Plasticine model of blue monster sitting at table with a plate, knife and fork, and an array of food. It is a herbivore. Next to him sits a carnivorous red dinosaur. As he is about to eat the blue dinosaur, a large green herbivore stamps on him. The animation continues to alternate between chalk drawn and stop-motion clay models. Their extinction is discussed, and various theories mentioned. Nice sequence of clay animation of various dinosaurs in their natural habitat, eating and interacting with each other. Tyrannosaurus rex arrives towards the end and frightens all of the other animals away. The blackboard is wiped, and the animation ends.
The narration on the film is in the style of a boy giving a school report about dinosaurs. We also hear other members of the class interrupting and butting in as he talks.

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