Film: 4930

Entertainment + Leisure | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Dramatised documentary about family from suburban Los Angeles taking holiday in Baja California 1960's

Shots of Los Angeles roads or freeways. Suburban couple having breakfast. Husband leaves home, kisses wife goodbye. Children on boat parked in drive. Titles. Family driving in car, which is pulling boat. Coast of California. Family greet man on beach, various shots of family in motorboat. Father looking seasick. Boy fishing. Family round campfire, singing with guitar. Family going to bed. Girl in swimsuit walking on beach at sunrise. Seagulls. Girl runs into the sea. Girl dances in the water. Waves on beach. Family fishing on beach. Boy catches fish. Girl water-shies. Man and boy drive pick-up truck along beach, with dog running after. Family in cars driving over mountains. A deer. Two men and boy shooting rifles. Boy shoots duck. Mexican children on beach. Boy waves fish at camera. Family on motorboat. Family catches large fish. Boy explores rocks. Boy climbs out of cave and climbs rocks. Girl crying. Boy hanging onto rocks. Father puts on rope harness, and abseils down. Father rescues son. Boy hugged by mother. Father and son say goodbye to father's friend. Family get into car and drive off, pulling boat.

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