Film: 4934

Entertainment + Leisure | 1970 | Sound | Colour


A view of an American County fair, but used as a teaching film aimed at children so parts of the film have large words over the image to show the children what the words look like 1970's

Ferris Wheel of a funfair in the middle distance. Red balloon. Pink candy floss is being made in a spun sugar drum, a hand turning the stick. A girl on a skewbald horse walking past a horse being groomed, American flag behind. Three men in white hats and jeans ,probably judges, conferring. Motorcycle with thick tyres descend a wooden ramp, an audience watches. Girl seated on the horse of a merry-go -round. Woman watching. Ferris wheel from point of view of chair ascending, fairground below. Point of view of two girls on Ferris wheel carriage. Carriages from underneath. Young couple on revolving boat, board in the background says "laugh in the dark". Side shot of the whole wheel going round. Two children travelling upwards in another ride. Eight teenagers going round on a stand-up ride. Chairs coming up towards the camera. Two wheels going round together.

Small children riding on painted horses roundabout. Man in loud shirt holds little boy on a painted horse. Small boy smiles and runs towards roundabout. Children on another roundabout with toy cars and motorbikes. Three children on a revolving ride. Shots of another revolving wheel type of ride, various angles. Blonde woman rides a chestnut horse. Another horse being walked. Word "horse" printed across screen. Girl rides a skewbald pony into a corral. A small girl on a horse being held by a woman in a cowboy hat. The woman adjusts the saddle. Girl with plaits riding a horse, carrying the stars and stripes. Blonde girl riding another horse. The three "judges"again, one takes his hat off. Horse wearing blue rosette being led by a man in a cowboy hat.

Close up of a goldfish swimming in a bowl. Lots of goldfish in bowls. Boy and girl
,the girl is throwing balls, trying to land to land them in a bowl. The showman hands her a goldfish in a bowl. Shot of spike ,horseshoes landing near it. Arms appear, hands pick up the horseshoes Men pitching horseshoes. The word "game" appears across
the screen. Shots of men pitching and horseshoes landing on the spike. Back to small girl with goldfish, still throwing balls.

Shot from underneath, two boys ascending in Ferris wheel chair. The word "up"
across the screen. A chair going up again, three children in it, word "up" appears on screen. Chairs coming down ,viewed from underneath, word "down" appears on screen. Whole Ferris wheel going round, chairs empty.

Candy floss spins in a revolving drum. Little girl in grandmother's arms is handed a stick of candy floss. Boy trying to get the wrapper off a toffee apple. Word
"candy" appears on screen. Smiling girl holds a lollipop in her teeth. The toffee apple
again, half unwrapped. A boy with glasses eating candy floss with his hand, Ferris wheel in the background. Large balloons being tied together in a bunch by a man in shorts. Word "balloon" appears on screen. A child gives a red balloon to a younger
child .

Ferris wheel going round. Merry- go- round going round. Another ride going round. Ferris wheel side - on, word "circle" appears on the screen. Small child's ride
seen from above, ride mainly hidden by a canopy. Ferris wheel from the side, camera zooms in. Close up of two little boys and two little girls inside a ride.

Man in cowboy hat riding a horse, carrying Stars and Stripes. Two men in yellow T shirts riding motorcycles riding towards a wooden ramp. They go up a ramp, over a platform, down another ramp. Another shot of motorcyclist going up the ramp. Close up of motorcycle wheels. A man riding a motorcycle over logs. A motorcyclist coming down the ramp again. The blonde girl on the chestnut horse again, cantering. She then slows and walks the horse downhill. A horse with no saddle being led by a man, the word "horse" appears on screen

Two boys going up in a Ferris wheel, the word "up" appears on the screen. The
smiling girl with the large lollipop again, licks the lollipop and grins. Word "candy" appears on screen. Ferris wheel coming down, word "down" appears on screen. Two
balloons on a roof, word "balloon" appears on screen. Whole bunch of balloons fill the
screen. Shot of the little girl trying to win a goldfish again. The word "game" appears on the screen Horseshoes landing near the spike again.

A ride with revolving cars, the word "ride" appears on the screen. The ride shown from the side, the word "circle" appears on the screen. Close up of to little girls inside a ride. Shot of a ride going round at ground level. A girl riding a palomino horse
across grass, ploughed field in the background. Another shot of the "stand up" ride.
Close up of a boy standing up while going round. Close up of a horse's face. Two
women going up in a ride, then revolving. Side-on shot of merry-go-round, then from above. Point of view shot from a chair in the Ferris wheel. Side- on shot of an eight
pointed ride. Panorama of tents and rides, hills in the background. Close up of a Ferris wheel, then receding in shot. Credits. More distant shot of Ferris wheel.

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