Film: 4936

Entertainment + Leisure | 1940 | Sound | B/W


American Christmas tale of a small tree who envies the large ones their size and impressiveness, but then becomes the centre of family goodwill in a way that the others never could, by becoming a Christmas tree. Maudlin and sentimental, it seeks to persuade us that being killed and covered in tinsel is every small tree's dream 1940's

Snowy Christmas trees and mountains. Focus on small Christmas tree. Someone on a sledge slides down a snowy hill. Two children throw snow at each other. Children spot the small tree (as it is giving a sob-story of never being noticed by the lumberjacks - as if that was a good thing for a tree). A man walks up carrying a small child, and they all stop by the small tree.
The children clear the snow away from the tree and carry the tree on a sledge into their cosy house which has a fire blazing in the grate. The children decorate the tree, in these homely surroundings, with baubles, lametta, tinsel, and a star on top. A nativity scene is placed the bottom.
We see the decorated tree in the firelight, with fairy-lights decorating it. The family stand around it, singing carols.

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