Film: 4938

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Film about Welsh gold, shows gold panning, jewellery making, gold mine in Wales 1970's

Panoramic view of city - London. Pigeons siting in puddle. Household cavalry riding down The Mall. Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Monument behind them. It is wet. A black taxi passes them. Panoramic view of London. St Paul's Cathedral. A lot of people in a street, a fair number of them with open umbrellas. A 73 bus, a Routemaster at Oxford Circus going to Victoria. A waterfall. Four people working at the top of it. They are looking for something. It is a sunny day. One of them, a black woman, stands up. She has a metal dish in her hands. A man beside her stands up, looking at a metal dish he is holding. They are looking for gold in Gwynnedd in Wales. A boy, looking in a metal dish for gold. He finds a nugget which looks like gold. The boy. He looks in his dish, the man helps him. They pan for gold in a shallow river. Shallow river in Wales. The man, Jack Williams, helped the black woman to look for gold in the river. The examine the contents of her metal dish.
The entrance to a goldmine. It appears to be a bit overgrown and is partially obscured by plants. Stone buildings and a gate in woodland. Jack Williams, the boy and the black lady emerge from woods. They walk along a narrow path. A lean-to beside the entrance to the goldmine. A photograph of how it looked when it was a working mine. Scrap mine machinery in a photograph. Gold miners - in mine - in photograph. Still picture of gold miners just outside mine pushing mine car beside waste heap. Jack Williams, behind him are trees. People panning for gold in a river beside a road. Around them is woodland. The boy pans for gold.
A man, Tony Lewis, walks down a road in town. He walks past a church. A piece of jewellery with pictures of flowers on it. A gold ring with a triangle on it. A delicately crafted gold brooch. Gold jewellery with a flower design, a key design and two hearts. Two other intricate designs, one on each side. Welsh lovespoon with harp on it. Jeweller Tony Lewis at work. He heats a piece of gold wire. He cuts a piece of wire off the end of the spool. Tony Lewis at work. He puts a bit of jade at the centre of the piece he's working on. He substitutes an emerald for the jade.
The black woman enters the shop. She gives him a gold nugget she wants put in some jewellery and he puts it in the centre of the piece he's working on. He heats a piece of wire. She puts the jewellery on - it is a necklace. Her wearing it. The camera closes in on the necklace.

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