Film: 494

Adverts | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Extended advert for Germoline medical cream for Chilblains, eczema and boils 1940's

Man shaving in mirror with cut throat razor. Cuts himself as Jack (Nigel Patrick) walks into shot (in mirror). Jack tells Mr. Daw to put something on it, he grabs cotton wool out of bathroom cabinet. Women in dining room preparing breakfast. Grumpy dad comes complaining into dining room about cutting himself. Notices that the calendar date is wrong, rips off the page to reveal November 13th, Friday. He has a huge lump of cotton wool on left hand side of face! Saying how unlucky Friday 13th is, he was born on that date, married etc, etc. Young son comes in with a scratch. Close up of arm with grazes. Young woman in kitchen takes boiling kettle off hob and burns her hand. Family carries on preparing breakfast. Father cutting bread. Young girl sits by fire stroking cat and toasting bread. Father cuts himself cutting bread. His shriek causes young woman to scald herself with boiling water. She drops kettle, causing cat to jump off lap and scratch the young girl. All the household are injured! Father looks through emergency pages in phone book (LMR). Doctor comes to the house. Everyone is bandaged. Doctor trips over football and bangs chin on chair. He asks if there is any Germoline in house. Jack (the son) is a chemist and has been trying to get family to use Germoline disinfectant all morning. As the advertisement says Germoline is essential in the home. Chilblains, eczema and boils benefit from its use. Doctor leaves, front door bangs and father is hit on head by cattle horns hanging from above doorway. He pulls silly faces and rubs Germoline into his head.

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