Film: 4943

Road Transport | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie 1930's Italy in 1934. A group of Belgian motor enthusiasts drive through the Alps. Possibly Liege-Rome-Leige rally officials on a recce. One car is possibly a Bugatti (at 7.16).

A marching accordion band. A gorgeous mountain lake, on the far side the mountain rises high. Three men in plus fours walk under a garden arbour, one has a pipe. One jumps over a low fence in the garden. Side view of a waterfall, then a view of a mountain valley. One of the gentlemen sits on the rocks beside the waterfall. A roaring rushing torrent of a river, possibly out of a dam. Beautiful view out over the lake, from the top of the damn? A mountain glacier. Various mountain views, then the town in the valley below. The three men in plus fours in a alpine meadow with some cows, they have mock shepherd hats on , with feathers in them, they kneel down and look underneath the cow. A cow with a very large bell around its neck eats grass, grazes. From above, a car drives across a dam. The car drives down very sharp switch backs, dangerous bends, it has a sign 'Liege - Rome Liege - Officiel' - an officials car.
A man does a flip off a swimming float. Two men do dives off a high and low diving board at the same time. From water level, a man dives off a diving board into the lake. The three men climb out of the lake with old swimming suits on. A boat putts about on the lake. A young man unties his painter and steps into his small row boat. A town square. Baroque buildings? The three men talk energetically with a fourth in the square. The four men stand outside the car smoking, an nurse walks a baby in a pram down the street away from them. Roman ruins in Rome. The Roman forum. Possibly the forum. The coliseum, interior. A woman balances a jug on her head and walks, without using her hands for balance. The men swim and race in the water. A man on a launch pulls a rope. The tall walls of a Renaissance castle. Two men walk out of the small arched doorway, one of them puts a finger to his lips, shhh. A cheetah in a cage, one of the men pets it. Two cheetahs in a different cage. Cars stopped on the switchbacks, An early bus/touring car carefully turns the corner on the mountainside. The three men rock climb along a narrow ledge, they cling to the rocks with their fingers. Men pack things in a cars one of them has a drivers hat on, on the back tire on the car is written Officiel Liege- Rome- Liege. The hotel waldeck in ? Italy? A rally car driver in a leather hat with goggles, and a long overcoat, fantastic car rally gear. , looks rather like Mr. Toad. Two drivers in head gear and goggles, look out over the mountain, one of them smokes a pipe. Mountain views. Water pours in torrents down a spillway. Raging river. A town in mountains, probably in southern Germany as there is a Nazi flag hanging outside one of the restaurants, typical German gingerbread houses with window shutters and paintings over the windows. The wooden balconies outside the windows of a large German hotel, the Hotel Traube. From a hillside, the view of a town, a factory is distinguished by its plume of smoke pouring out is chimney a church is also visible. Men pack the boot of a car once again. More mountain views, high snow capped mountains, a glacier. Two cars meet and almost hit at a hairpin turn, one car reverses and the other proceeds around the corner. An alpine mountain road squiggling down the mountain side. Lunch break on the side of the road. One of the drivers eats a sausage! A man with a thermos, another holds a cup and a piece of meat. Marvellous geeky looking man with hair parted in the middle and trousers pulled up high. Another picnic. Close ups of sandwich making. Butter or cream is spread on the bread, the pieces are put together and eaten, the men lay or sit on a blanket on the grass. Cars driving down hairpin turns.

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