Film: 4944

Road Transport | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Italy. Amateur home movie. 1930's A group of Belgian motor enthusiasts drive through Naples, the Amalfi coast, Venice and the Alps. Possibly Liege Rome Leige rally officials on a recce. One car is a Bugatti (to be checked)

Three men on a car drive on a narrow Italian mountain road; there is another car behind them. Two of the men wash the front and windshield of the car, one throws his sponge in the other's face. One pretends to throw his wet sponge at a child's face, the child smiles. The same child stares into the camera, he has a very Southern Italian look. The travellers, now five of them, sit and smoke around the breakfast table and one of them shows the others a point on a map. Two of them walk in a garden. The five men sit at a table on a terrace by the sea. A child walks on the beach by two fishing boats. The same fishing boats, a group of people sits on the beach.

A little girl eats a slice of watermelon and tries to hide from the camera. The five men also eat watermelon and pose for the camera. The same child hides her face on her father's legs. One of the travellers greedily eats two slices of watermelon, one of his friends pushes one of the slices in his face as he bites it and another rushes to wipe his tie with a handkerchief: moment of hilarity. One of them sits alone eating his watermelon, smiling. Shaky shot from within one of the cars in motion on a country road, the other car is in front.

The five friends stroll along a very crowded shopping gallery, Galleria Umberto I in Naples. Town on the Amalfi coast from above. The same town and the sea, with Mount Vesuvius in the distance. Young girl holds a baby in her arms. Mountain. Aerial view of a city, probably still Naples. One of the cars appears from around a bend and comes towards the camera.

Man walks down a street in the Roman city of Pompeii. Five shots of a lizard on the stones. Amphitheatre. One of the travellers walks along a row of Roman columns. Colonnade. Sculpture of a woman. One of the men on the steps of the amphitheatre, gesticulating in the distance. Two shots of the town of Amalfi. Girl walks past looking at the camera. Boy smiles at the camera. Mountains of the Amalfi coast. Children on the beach, staring at the camera, and fishing boats. One of the children swims away, the other keeps staring. Families ride loaded mules on the road. Women do their laundry in a river. Shot from the back of the Bugatti: very shaky, only the back of the driver is visible.

Two lenghty shots of Venice from a gondola. People on the gondola. They pass another gondola with four passengers. Typical Venetian building. One of the travellers. Gondola with no passengers. Two more shots of Venice. Piazza San Marco from the canal. Two of the travellers as the gondola is about to go under a bridge. Many shots of the five friends with Canal Grande in the background, and one of the gondoliere. One more view of Venice. They eat ice cream by an amazing, baroque-looking ice cream cart (it must be white and silver or golden).

Two shots of the travellers playing with a herd of goats. One of them holds a pair of deer horns on his head. He walks around with a huge cow bell around his neck. Another traveller wears the bell, while the others hold up the horns on his head. One of them places an object on a small pillar on the side of the road. The others throw rocks at it, the Bugatti behind them. Rubbish on the floor: sheets of plastic and (possibly) square leather seats. One of them picks up two seats. Shot of the Bugatti, dirty and overloaded. They load the other car, which is in much better conditions (Bugatti as well?). Small pillars on the side of the road; they must be shooting at them. One of them tries to put a thermos on the pillar; the owner of the thermos fights to get it back and they both laugh.

The Bugatti comes fast towards the camera; the Alps very visible in the background. The other car, on the side of the road, with the plate "Liege Rome Liege" at the front. Two shaky shots of the other car in motion from the front, from the Bugatti. Waterfall. Traveller jumps out of the car smiling.

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