Film: 4945

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Morocco, North Africa. Amateur home movie 1940's
Authentic footage of market towns possibly in North African setting. While this is clearly amateur footage shot by visitors or tourists a sense of place culture and tradition have been successfully captured.

Brief shot of 1930's or 1940's car. Foreign number plate suggests country in Europe - Belgium its from. Exterior of a church. Outside a man sits at a table with a lunch cloth covered with books. Panning shot. Two young boys wearing shorts and socks rest with their backs against a stone pillar. Four young boys surround a table selling what looks like Holly. Exterior of church with a crowd milling about. A woman with a fur coat passes through the frame from left to right. Panning shot up building. Cut to well dressed man wearing an overcoat and bonnet or hat. In background we see a group of children huddled over at a wall. A woman briefly comes into shot. 'Lilet' advertising poster in the background indicates this is a French speaking country. Cut to shot of sea with large rock jutting out. Medium shot of large cliff and hotel on beach. A man points towards to sea. ( Technical quality of print poor, print very grainy ). Cut to doorway. Five boys stand looking at camera. A girl carrying a pail is with them. A man fills the radiator of his car with water pouring from a clay ? Jug. Cut to doorway where an old woman dressed entirely in black stands with two young boys. A train of six bulls, split into pairs transport goods on wagons through cobbled streets. A group of well dressed people including a man with a camera walk up a set of stairs towards the camera. Two panning shots of the exterior of a Gothic or baroque church. A woman with young children play on a badge. She persuades a reluctant but smiling young boy to be filmed. More detailed shot of exterior of church showing ornate stone masonry and spires. A fountain. Gas lamps. Further shots of this church. Church wall with large touring car in front. Cut to panning shot of river with houses overlooking it. Young boys wearing berries stand outside a bar (with Vinos Sign). A young boy with a donkey approaches the camera. Cut to two couples sitting round a table eating lunch. Panning shot of high mountain with rugged and irregular shape. A man rides down the hillside road wearing a white cravat. Cut to long shot of railway truck with tunnel in background. Panning shot from bridge overlooking river. This may be Morocco but there is no definite way of identifying the city from the content of the film. Cut to entrance of large Moorish like ramparts with entrance to castle below. Donkeys carry produce in large straw bales on their back. Various footage of Spanish or Moorish inspired buildings with characteristic white stone and corrugated roofs. Exterior of church with small cross visible at top of screen. Cut to family with roaster at quayside. Panning shot of liner at quayside with men working on it. Cars are loaded onto the ship. Brief shots of harbour from boat approaching port. A blind man wearing a blanket over him turns away from the camera. A boy smiles at the camera. In the background we see a sign for Union Nationale automobile. A stork nests on eggs, stands on its nest and flies off. Very grainy footage of men with donkeys, pulling them by their teeth and felt and whipping them. The men ride off. A woman and man attend to a headlight on their car. Panning shot of palm trees. Two men on a motorbike pass by a man on a horse. Medium shot of Arabian or Moorish looking arch. Very distinctive castle walls or houses built in oblong shapes. Panning shot of swimming pool with tables, chairs and parasol. A man shakes fruit (oranges) off a tree. Panning shot of choppy sea. Cut to medium shot looking through Moorish or Arabian influenced doorway. Two women dressed entirely in white wear ceremonial veils or yasmaks over their faces, they are in purdah. A man eats fire, while a boy beats out the rhythm of a drum and another man plays a snake charmers pipe or flute. Two young girls and an older man dressed in white are surrounded by a group of people in traditional clothes. One of the young girls strikes the man when he bends down to talk to her. A well dressed family wearing western clothes ignore a man and children who beg from them. A busy market day. Crowds of men walk through a market bazaar as the sunshine filters through from he vine covered alleyway. A young man sells trinkets. A western couple walk through an open topped bazaar or souk or market. A camel passes stage left to right a man on bicycle stage right to left. Various pots and clay goods on sale. A woman dressed in white with a face mask or veil. A white woman with distinctive flappers hat, cuddles a small black baby with her mother. The grounds of a hotel where rich white families have breakfast or lunch. Medium shots of Moorish or Arabian influenced architecture. Long shot of bay which links up with previous footage already detailed.

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