Film: 4946

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Morocco, North Africa. Amateur home movie with startling nudity (in Islamic country).
Unusual addition to part one because of the surprising strip tease. The important points to bear in mind here are the detailed look at the Moorish architecture and the market bazaars both given full prominence 1930's

A man in fez hat fixes the shoe of a donkey. Brief shot of a bazaar, market or souk. A young girl carries a pail of water. A woman with a jug of water on her head, dressed in traditional veils or clothes in purdah with a yasmak walk from screen right to left. A man repairs a dress or hand stitches a carpet. A group of three men, one of whom hides his face, sit in a doorway. Good clear shot of a covered market bazaar. A woman cleans a silver or pewter or copper pot with water by hand. Two young children and two women look on. Several women walk towards the camera. Three women wearing veils or yasmaks hide their faces and attempt to avoid the camera. Various panning shots of side streets where people sit propped up with their backs to the wall. A man (selling pottery) waves a wand of feathers or straw reeds while a young boy stands in front of him covering his eyes while looking off screen right. They remain static until they realise they are being filmed. A dilapidated Moorish or Arabian temple or building. A woman carries a pot full of water on her head, screen left to right. Merchants gather and mingle at a market place possibly for rare metals such a gold. Two men sit down. In front of them they have a set of weighing scales. A modern apartment block with 1930's style veranda on two levels. Panning shot from block taking in mountains and sea in the background. More panning shots of apartment blocks. More panning shots of market with traders buying and selling. Wines, fruits and hats are stacked up in piles. A man hoses down the roadster seen in part one. A large B is clear on the bumper. Panning shot of sea, hills and fortress atop hill. Shop sign in background spells out Casablanca. An educated guess suggests this is not advertising a company based elsewhere, so it is distinctly possible this footage is of Casablanca itself. A young boy sells loaves of flat circular bread. Panning shot from Moorish style castle overlooking beach and sea. A group of young boys jostle and fight in front of the camera. Extensive panning shot of exterior castle walls and interior. Panning shot of surrounding woodlands or forest and hills as well as adjoining apartments and city. Our touring car ploughs through a small brook or stream possibly a riverbed that only holds or has a small flow of water during summer months. Two women with a young child ( with an unusual Mohican like haircut ) pass the camera from right to left. A train of soldiers on horseback approach the car and are seen in long shot. Panning shot of back streets on outskirts of city with power lines clearly visible. Panning shots of sandy estuary, river and town in background. Ornate Moorish or Arabian archway. Cut to two young women standing in the middle of a Hacienda or Spanish influenced square. Panning shots of village streets and buildings. Very strong emphasis on design and architecture which is in places stunning. Semi-nude young woman dances then strips off naked entirely. She is standing on a roof top and seems to enjoy the experience and attention. She jiggles her breasts. This is quite surprising in an Islamic country. She may be a prostitute or courtesan, although she is quite young. Ancient ornate gate with characteristic bell shape. Tower possibly on top of a mosque of church. Two pelicans on their nest at dusk. Panning shot over Casablanca city. A woman wearing a yasmak carries a large linen covered board on her head down a side street. Man on horseback. Interior of two bazaars. A man engraves a bowl with a small hammer and chisel.

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