Film: 4948

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie of Pisa, Paestum, Naples and the Amalfi coast.1950's

Two shots of the leaning tower of Pisa. The baptistery in Piazza del Duomo. Two shaky pans of the city and the gulf of Naples from above. Abbey of Montecassino. Closer shot of the Abbey. Hazy landscape through an archway. Detail of the Abbey: bifora windows. Immense view from the Abbey, vast green valley and mountains in the background. Mediterranean-looking white house on the side of a mountain, with steep steps that go all the way to the top, where there are more houses. Two pans of Amalfi and the sea below. Another house built on the side of a mountain. View of the mountains of Amalfi. Houses in the centre of Amalfi. Parents and their two children hold hands. Two shots of lemons resting on a surface in the street, perhaps for sale. Four happy Italian children pose for the camera. They sit and play with rocks on the beach, push each other, then walk away. Group of children playing around a fountain. View of the tower of Saint Andrew's Cathedral, duomo of Amalfi, and of the church itself. Brief shot of il Chiostro del Paradiso (Cloister of Paradise). Typical ceramic plates and souvenirs from Amalfi. Long shot of the Amalfi coast from afar. Ruins of a Roman town, mountains in the background. Roman road by the Greek site of Paestum and view of the temples. Bright shot of a temple. Pan of the temples. Three shots of the Temple of Athena. Many shots of the Second Temple of Hera. Trees around Paestum. The Second Temple of Hera once again. Two shots of the ruins. A column. Temple of Athena. Front and side of the Temple of Athena. Long shot of the ruins of the Roman town by the temples.

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