Film: 4949

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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L. Le chevalier presents Tania Roukine. Moody nudie glamour film.
A naked woman on a coin. Street corner in Paris, the front entrance of Le Can-Can Club Strip joint sex show 1950's

A newspaper open in front of camera (Job Advert.). Woman's feet on high heel shoes walking. The front entrance of 'Cupidon', cabaret club. An advert of evening show, pictures, shops. The woman is looking at a hand written letter then enters the building. Inside. Close up of her. A shadow of a man interviewing her, smoking cigar. An audition, she strips off in silhouette. We see her silhouette, her legs walking, he signs a document the night of the show. The entrance at dark. Women's legs dancing. One female dancer topless with a bikini , she is very athletic and bends over backwards and so on. A muscular man wearing not very much dances with her. The entrance after the show. Tania comes out in her dress walking, down to the canal. Smoking in front of the water. Going home. Opens the gate, enters her flat and finds a letter. She picks it up but does not open it. She pauses looking at the envelopes. Get undressed and put on her night dress. A kitchen table, cutting a lemon and squeezing it, drinking in close up. Going to bed, she is restless in her sleep, dreaming about the letter. Opening the love letter and read about an appointment at the train station, which she will miss, a picture of her lover. She is in bed smoking, reading. Train, railway. The clock, her dancing with bare breasts (all in a dream). She wakes up, getting into bath naked,having a wash getting dressed, putting make up, arranging flowers. Has picture in her mind, she goes out at the train station. She throws away the letter over the bridge. Metro station Pigalle, Paris, France,she comes up the stairs and goes to the 'Cupidon' club.

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