Film: 4952

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Public information film explaining the need for cleaniness in order to stay fit and well and have a hygienic home 1940's

Australia Children play in an outdoor swimming pool or lido (perhaps a pool sectioned off in the sea). Children play in a playground outside a school. One boy sits on an upturned oil drum by himself, watching others play. He blows his nose on a hadkerchief. Two boys and a girl run in the outdoors. The narrator speaks about what we must do to keep fit and healthy.
A boy has a shower in a tiled cubicle - he washes himself all over with soap. Another boy, wearing a vest, stands at a sink washing his hair. A girl with long hair stands by an open window and towel dries her hair. She stands in front of a wall mounted mirror and brushes it. A boy carefully combs hid hair with a side parting.
A girl sits in a chair and eats a piece of cake. Close up of an open mouth with decayed teeth. A boy and girl take out tooth paste and brushes from a mirror fronted bathroom cabinet and brush their teeth. Close up of brush on teeth making circular motion. The girl and two boys stand and eat apples. The girl sits on a wooden chair on a tiled floor and dries her feet. She puts talcum powder between her toes. She walks and sits on a pouffe and puts on a pair of socks and shoes. Outside she hangs clean washing on a washing line, using old fashioned pegs. In the kitchen she stands at a sink and scrubs her hands. She puts a colander of potatoes into the stainless steel sink and begins to clean them under the running tap. After putting sugar and milk into a cup of tea, the lids are carefully put back on. Left-over food is scraped off a plate into newspaper on the draining board before the crockery is washed, rinsed and drained. One of the boys puts the clean plates away in a cupboard.
In the living room the girl vacuums the curtains with a cylinder cleaner. Close up of flies crawling through a hole in some gauze. Magnified images, as if under a microscope: a fly's leg, fly foot prints, fly germs. In the front room the girl uses a hand pumped insect spray to kill any flies. Close up of dead fly. A man puts some cheese on a large mouse trap and sets it. The girl opens a blind and a window to let sunshine and air into the house. She opens the window to let steam out of the bathroom. The three children sit on a grassy bank eating a picnic of sandwiches out of paper. The girl puts the paper in a waste bin. One of the boys puts wrapped household waste into the outsdie dustbin and carefully closes the lid. Rubbish is buried in the ground by a man with a spade. Shot of an outside toilet which looks rather like a timber clad beach hut. A train moves along with its sliding doors and windows open in order to allow the circulation of air. A boy snezzes into a large hanky. A girl lies in bed - ill or asleep. A boy washes his hands at an outside tap. Close up of hands - scrubbing in a sink with soap and water. Repeated images of the boy in the shower, the girl brushing her hair. Close up of toothpaste being squeezed onto a toothbrush. Girl brushes her teeth while looking into the mirror. She shakes powdered "Vim" onto a cloth and wipes the ceramic sink. Boy at the outside garbage can again, throwing away rubbish. The girl and boys walk along the street towards camera, then skip down the road away from camera. "It's fun to be healthy, but you must be healthy to have fun"!

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