Film: 4958

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


A film about the Sanchez Family and their habitat in southern Spain in 1950's (Franco's dictatorship 1936-1974).

Pan from white houses to the Sanchez Family. Mr. Sanchez and his son Juan (both with typical Spanish bonnet) getting into a one horse drawn cart. Mrs. Sanchez and her daughter wave good bye. Cart leaving trough fields. Ploughing, men and oxen. Mr. Sanchez arrives in cart to the town. Boy milking a goat in front of house. Boy selling milk door by door.
TOWN'S MAIN SQUARE: Cart arriving to the square . Woman and Juan getting water from the fountain. Juan drinking water from "botijos" ( typical Spanish urns made of clay). Lots of kids playing. One kid is the bull and other the bullfighter. The bullfighter uses his wooden dagger to kill the bull. The bull falls down dead. Mr. Sanchez reading a newspaper in front of his cart. Mr. Sanchez and his son leaving.
Cart passes by olive trees. Man with stick moving olive tree branches. Girls collecting the olives.
Mr. Sanchez and Juan meet another traveller in his cart. Arriving to the city. Man walking and carrying a yoke with fresh fish, a woman comes out to her front door to buy fish from him. Close up fish. Woman pays for it and man leaves.
CITY'S MAIN SQUARE: Mr. Sanchez and Juan in cart arriving to the busy square (buying and selling point) . Carts filled with vegetables. Men carrying basket with fruit. Mr. Sanchez parks the cart. Juan brings basket with food for the horse. Horse eating food. Juan looking at new truck (latest arrival from the USA). The driver allows Juan to get into the truck. Close up Juan steering the wheel. Juan gets off the truck. Juan walking among the people in the busy square and into a shop. Interior shop, Juan looking at two dolls (dressed as Flamenco dancers). Close up dolls. Pan of dolls. Juan picks up a pair of castanets. Close up of shop assistant. Close-up of Juan with castanets. Juan buying the castanets and leaving the shop.
Mr. Sanchez and Juan leaving the city in the horse drawn cart.
Mr. Sanchez house (exterior). Interior house, daughter making lace. Mother cooking in the kitchen. She is preparing a gazpacho (tomato, onion, olive oil). Mr. Sanchez and Juan arriving to the house in the horse drawn cart. The Sanchez Family sitting at the table eating a meal ( bread, something like rice). Juan gives the castanets to his sister. Close up of her playing the castanets. Mr. Sanchez plays the guitar and his daughter dances and plays the castanets. Close up of daughter dancing.

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