Film: 4961

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Petersfield in Hampshire Streets and Shops Possibly Armistice Day celebrations.
Possibly local cinema production. 1920's

A bicycle and a motorbike and side car outside a shop. Possibly a toy shop, it is difficult to read the signs. The motorbike and sidecar leave. Long shot of the same shop with a car. Car. Another shop, a sadler's, with the name 'Hoar' over the door. A man stands in the doorway - sign for 'singer' - shop worker gives people in open topped car a Singer sewing machine with wooden box cover. Another shop front - a shoe shop, and then a newsagent with people coming out the door and some loitering in front. A butcher's shop with flags outside and some birds in the window. 'Roland and Son' a draper's shop with flag. 'The Market Inn' a pub frontage with large Union Jack flag hanging from the window and people around the front. The painted front of the public house also says "Wines, spirits, ales and Stouts'. The tyre surgery shop front. A man holds up some motor car tyres. The front of a garage with cars in the forefront. A petrol station. Motorcars for sale.

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