Film: 4970

Sport | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Intertitle "A film offered without bias presenting professional free-style all-in wrestling" 1940's

Intertitle "Prelimary event". Shot of ring, 2 wrestlers and referee. Close up of blow and knock down. Close up of referee watching from corner. A throw. Close up of several holds, standing in centre of ring. Wrestlers searching for weakness, one ducks a hold. Intertitle "Ah that fooled you". Attempted throw. Armlock and throw. Close up of leghold. A forearm smash. A Throw. Finger lock then punch to stomach, referee intervenes. Intertitle "was it below?". One wrestler declared winner, seconds enter the ring. Intertitle "they part good friends". Winner helps loser up off the canvass. Intertitle "Championship bout The world Heavyweight defends his title". 2 fighters and referee in ring, a neckhold. Intertitle "how do you like this one?". Fighters exchange forearm smashes, one falls back groggy on ropes. Neckhold leads to fall then a leghold around the head. Close up from canvass level, one fighter on top of another. Close up canvass level, fighter stretching back the arms of the another who is face down almost invisible, referee checks all ok. Leghold then a jump on the leg. Close up of wrestler twisting the leg of another, pan to prone wrestler in pain, back to foot being twisted.

Intertitle "Can I hear something creaking?". Close up of leg being twisted and recipient in pain. A throw and submission hold, referee begins count. Close up of referee watching from a corner. A throw then a missed dive leads to an exit through the ropes. Intertitle "and with the challenger having thrown himself out of the ring, the champion is proclaimed victor". MC raises the arm of a wrestler in a gown, referee climbs out of the ring through the ropes. Intertitle "The End. A Peak Film "GEM" release".

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