Film: 4972

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Dental health and at the dentists 1940's

A group of children in a school room sit smiling. A close up of a girl smiling with two boys in the background smiling too, all show perfect white teeth. Another close up of a boy smiling revealing healthy white teeth. Another angle of a girl smiling. A close up of a smiling mouth showing healthy gums and teeth. A nurse using a set of teeth model, is demonstrating to school children how to brush teeth. Close up of a boy's mouth illustrating an example of unhealthy teeth. Close up of the boy's mouth showing a missing top front tooth. Image of a girl with her mouth partially open, revealing two teeth, she smiles showing a full set of teeth that are not growing in a line. Close up of the girl's teeth illustrating that they are not growing in a straight line. A boy is smiling revealing tooth braces. Close up of the mouth showing the braces. Close up of a mouth demonstrating decayed teeth. Close up of a mouth illustrating stained teeth. A girl opens and closes her mouth. A nurse is talking to the children, and is using a board to aid in the demonstration of teeth types and teeth hygiene. A close up a board with pictures of molars, incisors, bicuspids and cuspids. Drawing of a tooth, demonstrating the enamel, dentin, pulp chamber and cushion. Animation showing what happens to a tooth while chewing. Classroom children smiling. A boy and girl are smiling and having breakfast with their parents. Close up of boy eating bread and smiling showing his healthy teeth. Close up of girl eating an orange. Father eats an orange. Mother is eating bread. Family eating together. Girl is eating fried egg. Food and glasses of milk shown on the table. Close up of boy drinking milk and of his finished breakfast. A boy is sitting on the grass drinking a bottle of milk and eating a meat sandwich. The same boy is having his lunch together with another boy, however, the second boy is eating sweet food/cakes and soda pop, he smiles briefly to reveal unperfected teeth. Close up of second boy eating sweets, revealing a missing tooth. Animation of a tooth decaying and infection setting in. Illustration of a healthy tooth. A boy has finished eating his lunch and is cleaning his teeth by eating an apple. The boy is in the bathroom by the sink brushing his teeth. A mirror image of the boy brushing his teeth. Demonstration on how to clean teeth using a brush and teeth model. The boy is putting his tooth brush and tooth powder away, checks his teeth in the mirror. Afterwards he ticks off the day and time he brushed his teeth. A boy and a girl prepare to leave the house, mother kisses girl goodbye. Girl and boy point to the calendar by the door. Girl and boy are at the dentist, girl is sitting on the dentist chair while boy is watching. Dentist examines the girls' teeth and brushes them with fluoride solution. Close up of the girls teeth being brushed with fluoride solution. The boy walks away from the girl in the dentist chair and is taken by the nurse who shows him the dentist instruments used to clean and repair teeth. Close up of boy smiling. The boy finishes examining the instrument/tool and sits on the dentist chair. Dental health slide stressing the point of eating the correct food, the boy is drinking milk, keeping teeth clean, boy is brushing teeth, visiting the dentist regularly, teeth being examined by the dentist. Two children are in the dentist surgery, the dentist is examining the girls teeth afterwards he talks to both children. Close up of girl and boy smiling and showing healthy teeth.

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