Film: 4973

Feature Comedy | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Customer service 1950's

At an information desk. The official reads a paper. A customer arrives. No reaction. He goes on. In the corridor. A sign: 'Today no service'. He tries a door. Locked. A sign: 'No entry here.' Another sign: 'Don't spit on the floor'. He goes on. 'No entry for visitors.' Upstairs. He asks a man for his way. Goes on. In an office. People working. Customer shyly: 'Excuse me please, I just would like to ask…' - 'Don't you see I'm busy?'; the official gets angry. The customer has difficulty understanding. Another man explains. The customer asks nonetheless; the official gets angry. Other customers, waiting. Finally the official agrees to talk to the customer; he learns that the customer has no appointment, gets angry. He dictates a complicated letter to his secretary, a complaint about too many people entering his office without appointment. To the customer: 'Do we have you in our files?' But the customer just has a LITTLE question… Nonetheless, the official creates a record card for him… He learns that the question concerns the mother-in-law of the customer, tears the card in pieces and starts a new one. Then he learns that the mother-in-law's name is 'Zingelmann and nearly gets a heart attack. The secretary explains that only letters A to N are processed here, and the customer has to go to room 87. Another customer talks to the camera and explains that in reality, there aren't officials that act like this… that happened only in the past. But still today, sometimes officials are not always friendly, bad customer service. And sometimes even the opposite happens.
A different customer, the same official. Our former customer arrives and complains immediately about everything and gets very angry, because his case is not processed immediately. The other customer talking to the camera: 'Nobody likes customers like this one. - But finally, how it SHOULD work in an office:'
The office. Parapets and signs disappear. Flowers appear. And carpets and curtains. Finally the official and the secretary. A knock on the door. The secretary opens the door. 'But you don't need to knock!' Official and customer introduce. They offer each other cigarettes. Then they talk friendly together. End.

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