Film: 4977

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Educational film about the labour on a Mexican hacienda. Cattle and fieldwork 1930's

Mexico in Central America. A large hacienda or farm, in front of cultivated lands. Inside the farm: The buildings, some carriages. A herd of about 70 cattle is driven out of the gates. They pass at a pool. A herd of goats is driven along a broad passage. A herd of sheep is driven along, some donkeys are among them. They walk along a plain, some hills in the background. The goats walk and climb in a hilly landscape with lofty cactuses. The donkeys climb a hill, the herdsman runs past them. Donkeys and herdsman on a plain, mountains and a cloudy sky in the background. Donkeys and sheep graze. - A long row of black cattle, lead by workers in white clothes, plough a field. Two workers with sombreros sow a large field. A goat is grazing in the background. Two donkeys pulling a plough walk by, in the background a mountain with a snowy top. Two more donkeys; a worker lifts his sombrero to the camera. Two bulls and a worker, ploughing. - Siesta. Two bulls, eating. A group of workers, eating. In the background, one of them still carries on ploughing. The walkers sit in a circle, in the middle a basket with food. A large vessel is passed, they drink. A child drinks. A worker gets water out of a well and pours it into a barrel on a carriage. A donkey pulls the carriage over a bridge. It is pulled along a path. A woman and a child walk behind it, carrying a heavy package in turns. A donkey and a worker, pulling a stake fastened on a wheel. A worker, digging a small canal in a field. Water running through the canal. The worker, making the water flood a field, irrigation. The flooded field against the sun. The water glitters. Two workers riding on horses past a roofless building. Workers piling up bundles of hay on a carriage. Four horses pull the carriage away. Donkeys, packed with huge bundles of hay, are driven by a worker. Mountains in the background. The donkeys arrive at the Hacienda. A donkey ploughs a field with plants. A horseman. He rides past haystacks. Donkeys pull carriages with turning scythes fixed on them and cut down the corn of a field. Children run down the stairs of a manor and climb into an automobile. The car starts, and the parents wave on top of the stairs. The front of the 'Deutsche Schule' (German school). Children go through the gate. The automobile arrives. The four children, in shorts, leave the car and go into the building. The car drives back to the Hacienda. The children, going through a passage in the school yard. Children, sitting at tables in the yard. They eat and talk. Many trees and plants surround the tables. Four children, sitting at a desk, reading and writing. Back at the Hacienda. The donkeys are driven past a barn. Goats, sheep and donkeys. The cattle is driven back to the barns. The Hacienda, with a big church nearby. We see a couple from behind. They sit on a hill and look down at the hacienda, in front of vast cultivated lands.

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