Film: 4979

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Agricultural film about how to feed and how to treat cows in order to increase their milk production. Dairy farm 1940's

Three children, one with a toy gun, sitting on the pavement and passing a milk bottle, drinking. 'It was always a problem to produce sufficient milk.' A row of milk cans in front of a factory, they are moved on a conveyer belt. A waterfall of milk. 'Billions of litres of milk are produced, but still it is not enough.' Rows of milk bottles on conveyer belts in a factory, moving around. Boxes of tinned milk. Milk powder. Milk for producing butter. Large pieces of cheese. A woman working with a little shovel in a bucket of milk - other dairy products. 'What is the farmer's job?' A farm. Cattle in front of the farm. Cows in stalls in a barn - 'The modern technique of feeding'. They eat out of an trough. Cows entering a hall with showers (?). 'And scientific discoveries.' A scientist examining small glasses. Cows are driven out of the barn. Cattle, grazing. 'The cows are bred to give as much milk as possible.' --- 'Bad examples: small herds.' We see small herds grazing. 'They don't get the proper food, and, consequently, don't give much milk.' Cows in front of a barn. 'Those are able to give more milk. Get as many as possible of them.' A harvester, harvesting. 'Harvest as much as possible to be able to feed even more cows.' A farmer, fertilizing. 'This increases the harvest and so the food for the cows.' Horse and carriage, passing by. A farmer shovels industrial fertilizer and lime on the fields. Cows, grazing. 'Pastures supply the best and the cheapest food.' A Landscape with cultivated lands. Cows in a meadow interspersed with bushes. 'Here the cow needs too much time and energy to graze.' A plane meadow with a fence around it. 'These are good meadows for feeding cows.' A farmer, dunging the pasture. The farmer proves that the grass is high by walking through it. Cows, walking to the pasture. Grazing. 'It takes five days for them to graze the pasture.' They are driven to the next pasture. 'If the pastures are divided into small paddocks, then the cows can graze them in turns, and the grass can grow back.' Cows, grazing. More cows, grazing. Different cows, grazing. A single cow, looking into the camera. Cows in stalls in a barn. 'During the winter, hay replaces the meadow. The cows eat hay.' A farmer, piling up haystacks. Piling up haystacks in front of a store. A farmer, feeding hay to the cows. 'They should eat as much as possible.' Farmer, emptying a bag of mixed cereals into a container. The narrator explains the best way of mixing cereals. The farmer feeds the cows with the mixed cereals in the container. 'The better you feed, the more milk you get.' Cows, grazing. Cows, grazing. Cows, eating hay. 'A cow should be allowed not to give milk for eight weeks a year - provided that she calves.' A bull in a paddock. 'To get good calves, you need a good bull.' A cow with a calf in front of a barn. Seven calves on a pasture. Cows, grazing. The narrator explains the best way of feeding calves. The farmer, cleaning the cells in the barn. 'A productive farm is a clean farm.' The farmer fills the dung into a container fastened to a ropeway, pushes it out of the barn and fills it into a cart. The farmer, sweeping the cells. Sprinkling them with water. Cows, slowly walking to (or from) the meadow. 'They have to be treated with care.' Cows in their cells in the barn. A cow, eating out of a trough. A man shovels hay through an opening in the ceiling. Cows, drinking out of a bowl in the barn. Cows, walking on the yard in the snow and drinking of a well. Cows, being brushed and cleaned. 'It is important to keep them clean.' The farmer empties a milk can into a bucket, then a bucket into another bucket. 'Avoid spilling the milk!' The farmer puts a milk can into a barrel. 'It should be kept cool.' He washes out the buckets. 'It is important to keep the tools clean.' He puts them on a lattice to dry. He puts milk cans on a conveyer belt. 'Selling milk always provides for a good income.' Workers emptying milk cans into containers. A waterfall of milk.

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