Film: 4981

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


A tourist-office film showing three specialities of Munich, Germany: The Fasching (carnival), the Dult (a huge flea market) and the Oktoberfest. The narrator tries to convince the spectators that these feasts are characteristic for the lives of the Munich citizens. Very colourful film, narration in French 1970's

Picture postcard slides of famous Munich buildings: The Frauenkirche, the cathedral (?), The castle Schloss Nymphenburg, the Olympiastadion.
1. Fasching
A man, putting on a wig. A woman, making up her lips. A man with false nose and moustache, very close to the camera. A parade. Women dancers in golden and red costumes. Women, dressed as natives of Haiti. A brass band with a big white feather on their hats. A 'king' with a long red sash carried by three men. Spectators sitting at a table. A band playing in a large hall filled with dressed, drinking and dancing people. Bride and groom, dancing; dressed women. Dressed couples, dancing. A 'Viking' brass-band. Some people with silly hats (a merry-go-round, or a maypole). Dancing people on the Victualienmarkt. Crowds on a large square. Dressed skiers in the Bavarian mountains. A dressed man skiing backwards and falling. A man with a (fake?) old-fashioned camera, turning wildly. A skier with a carriage; a large crowd in the valley. Red-dressed women dancers with blue and white umbrellas in a hall. Dancers. Crowds, dancing. A half-naked woman. A samba-dancer. - The people dress internationally. Dancers, good dancing sequences with silly costumes and music.
2. Dult
A large market. The Dult takes place three times the year, and everything is sold there, as well things of great value as second-hand articles. Heaps of pots. A woman, looking at some plates at a stall. Mugs. A child. A dog. A woman buying a small pot. More people, more stalls. A child, playing a toy trumpet. A flea-market stall, a picture of King Ludwig for sale. Visitors, examining things: A tankard, an old-fashioned gramophone. 'Collectors and tourists, everybody is coming.' An old couple, looking at a candlestick. More stalls, more visitors. The 'Billiger Jakob'. Literally: 'The cheap Jacob' - A stall where everything is very cheap and the dealer very vividly tries to convince the clients to buy, making a spectacle of it. The Billiger Jakob, praising and demonstrating his articles. A crowd of spectators.
3. Oktoberfest
The Oktoberfest takes place every year in September. A brass band. Three people dressed as medieval monk, lady and lord. A group of women in costumes, carrying a pole with stripes. Tourists with cameras, sitting on a wall. Another group in the parade, dressed in red costumes. Again, some tourists. A trumpet and drum band. Some policemen, taking pictures of a parade carriage. Another carriage with horses, carrying beer-barrels. - The Oktoberfest is a feast celebrating the beer, and it takes place on the 'Wiesn' ('The Meadow'). A huge tent with chandeliers and hundreds of people sitting on benches and drinking beer. A brass band in the tent. People on the benches, chatting, drinking. A waitress, carrying '12 Mass Bier' (12 two-pint mugs of beer) in her hands. A cook, cutting a slice of meat. A heap of smoked (?) fish. Outside. People sitting on benches, chatting and drinking beer. - The fairground. Carousals and crowds. A merry-go-round, pressing the people standing against its walls. Two dressed horses. A mask and a huge animated puppet (a man lying in his bed) on the roofs of some stalls. A child, watching. The arm of a carousal. A child in a costume. Another puppet, drumming. A very fat dressed woman, dancing. Children in a merry-go-round. More children in another merry-go-round. Parents and children on another merry-go-round. A man shooting at a shooting-gallery. A man, buying a big pretzel. More merry-go-rounds. The camera in a cabin of a Ferris-wheel, going up and showing the whole Wiesn.

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