Film: 4985

War + Military | 1930 | Silent | B/W


A training history of a pilot of the Luftwaffe. Includes trainig aircraft, Stukas and Dorniers 1930's

A still of an aircraft. Three men and a child, at a table, looking at photographs and talking about the picture. The boy: 'I'd like to have that, too!' - The ' narrator ' : ' At this time, I decided to become a pilot, and Heinz became constructor of aeroplanes.' The skeleton of a wing. Heinz (?) works on it. 'I went to a technical school of the NS flyer's corps.' 2 workers, constructing the wing. 'Later, I became manager of the 'Sturmwerkstatt' then I went to the Luftwaffe.' At a small electric drill. In the school. 'Other comrades became radio operators or parachute maintainers.' In a school for radio operators. A school for parachute maintainers. A parachute is demonstrated. At the table again, another still 'Here I sit for the first time as a student in a motor plane.' The picture… becomes reality. On the airfield. The narrator putting on his flyer's jacket, climbing in the plane (a Jungmaster). He fastens the belt, puts on helmet and glasses, and, on a sign, they take off. Airborne. 'A great time on the pilot's school.' Scenery, narrator in the plane in the air, looking around. The plane, flying, scenery (many shots). The plane lands again. Another plane lands on the field, in the foreground a pilot's school; students sit in the grass, the teacher explains something. The narrator climbs out of the plane. 'A big event is the first flight on one's own.' the teacher, giving last instructions. The narrator in the plane waves ready. On a sign with a flag he takes off. Doubly critical, the teacher watches the flight. Some students and the teacher, watching the flight. The teacher comments. The flight (many shots with plane and scenery). The teacher. 'What's he doing there?' He scolds. 'Now the touch down. Right it! Good.' He is contented. 'Obviously, my school.' The plane rolls to the students and stops. The teacher praises the pilot. 'This handshake had more value for me than a promotion at school.' The students congratulate, 'spank' the narrator and give him flowers. Now at speed, the pilot is familiar with the plane. A sign with a flag, a plane takes off. Others follow. 'The overland flights are lovely.' Plane, pilot, scenery, lakes. Above the clouds. 'Comrades to your left and to your right - this way you practice formation flights.' Three planes in formation. 'By doing stunt flying, you learn to gain complete control on your plane.' Some aerobatics, a full roll on the side, flying on the side. 'Nearly nothing can happen to you if you can control your plane like this.' Some more aerobatics. On the field. The plane. A shepherd with a herd of sheep passes. 'It is not difficult anymore to learn flying more and more complex stunts.' The plane. The pilot, talking. The radio operator, writing. Through the windows of the plane. A harbour. 'After I finished this apprenticeship I learned more at the Luftwaffe, and soon I came to my current squadron.' A large airfield with about 20 planes. A pilot, fastening his parachute. Some pilots getting into a plane. Preparations for the take-off. Pilots in the plane. Three planes, rolling along the field. The young people who intend to devote their lives to the German Luftwaffe have to be fit in body, mind and soul. The NS flyer's corps meets a high duty in these areas. Here our boys grow and become flyers. Planes, taking off. Formation, flying. Pilot or radio operator, technician or parachute maintenance, they all are the same. They all have the responsibility for the reputation of the German flyer. A plane going in nosedive point of view from Stuka dive bomber. From inside. It throws a bomb.

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