Film: 4987

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Educational film about the skeleton and the bones and their importance for the human body, movements, growth, structure 1950's

A turning skeleton. Athletes in slow motion: discus throwing, hurdles, pole jump. A scientist at a microscope, looking at cells. Flowers. The scientist looking at skeletons of: fungus, corals, shells of mussels, a fish, a snake, a bird, another animal (?). A transparent model of a human being: Vessels, bones and skin visible. The turning skeleton. A woman dancer. The model. The ribs. The breastbone. The pelvis. The legs. The head. The dancer. X-Ray shot: The pelvis in motion. The dancer. She moves her arm. The elbow. X-Ray shot of the moving elbow. - The dancer jumps into a man dancer's arms, he does knee bends. The moving knee in an X-Ray shot. The dancer moving her arm at the shoulder. X-Ray: The moving joint at the shoulder. Dancer moving her leg at the hip. Skeleton model performing the same movements. Dancer moving her wrist. X-Ray shot of moving wrist. An athlete performing flipflops, a somersault and screws. A disgusting model of the knee is moved. X-Ray shot of the moving knee. A weight lifter. Animation: people standing on a board on a bone, the bone can carry a big load. An embryo. 'Her bones are built the first time.' Drawing of a bone; then an enlargement of its structure. Drawing: vessels and cells in a bone. Animation about how bones grow. A child in a garden, learning to walk. More animation. A bone compared with the frame of a bridge. More animation on the structure of a bone. The skeleton. A scientist looking at test tubes, taking out a bone of one of them. He bends the bone. Then he heats and burns the bone and breaks it. The child, eating a soup. A family having breakfast. 'You have to nourish your bones, e.g. With milk.' Explanations about some minerals and vitamins, their importance for the bones; a drawing of a bone. A hand playing the violin. X-Ray shot of it. Model of the human being. Moving dancer. Skeleton. Family in the living room. Boy reading with a bent back. Father reading the paper, leaning back comfortably. Mother on high heels. ( Bad postures! ) Two women walking, carrying books on their heads. ( Good posture! ) Deportment. Drawing of a bone. The child eating. The weight lifter. Women standing up straight, their backs against walls. Cyclists. Skaters. A diver. Skiers. Walkers. - 'EINDE'

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