Film: 4988

Adverts | 1950 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Cartoon commercials in Japanese 1950's

1) Snow-flakes over the mountainside; a boy is skiing, falls over and rolls down the mountain, turning into a snowball. Musical notes emanate from the snowball. A man finds it and calls for help; 3 men come. Out from the snowball jumps the boy with a radio in his hand. A radio-commercial: silent.
2) A big-nosed man comes through a swinging double-door into an office. He sits opposite a clerk and puts a book on the table; he points to a picture of a motor-cycle. Behind the clerk there is a TV set that doesn't work properly. The two strike a deal and walk off to see the motor-bike. Japanese writing superimposing. Silent motor-bike commercial. Advert for Rabbit Miner costing 79,000 yen.
3) Five shadowy figures. A question-mark. Japanese writing. A rabbit, a dog, a dear, a bird, a bear and a snail walk into the frame. Suddenly, a girl comes; they quickly jump up to turn into decorations on the wall as she turns the light on. She sits at the table and says things in Japanese, to which they respond with smiling faces. The five shadowy faces are shown. Fade out. Opt. sound. Advertisement for NEC Fluorescent light costing 1350 yen
4) Suspicious-looking figure in front of trees; Japanese title. Night-time in the city. A man carefully walks inside a building with a timebomb in his hand. He pulls out a beer-bottle. He lights the bomb. Bang! The wall almost collapses. Out from a door comes an arrogant man and grabs the fellow by the scruff of the neck; he is being offered a bribe to which he smiles and takes a bag full of dollars. The fellow brings a trolley and the arrogant man is piling beer boxes onto it. Asahi Beer Gold commercial. Sound.
5) A front-room: the door opens and two shoes walk in. They walk across the room, reach for the sofa, the sofa rocks about and the shoes land on the stool opposite and magically turn into slippers. A hand comes with a tray, approaching the 'fridge: it opens and a bottle and glass appear on the tray. Two hands carry the tray across to the sofa and put a tray on a table with a beer. A sigh. Zoom out on glass. A man appears , with a glass in his hand, sitting on a sofa and watching TV. A woman is standing next to him. Japanese. Sound. Advertisement is for Chilled Rice Wine (sake)

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