Film: 4989

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Adverts or commericals 1960's from the USA

1) New Scotties, best tissues with silky touch hand pulling the tissue and putting them under some running water. Other tissue would tear but 'New Scotties' remains intact. A man sitting by a desk full of envelopes, opening one with a letter accompanying a tissue that has gone through a washing machine, and still does not tear. A basket full of products, paper towels, toilet rolls.
2) Grey hound, a still of a greyhound in front of which comes a man and speaks about the splendid service that Greyhound buses can provide, including vacation planning or holiday planning, route planning, comfortable seats. A company bus on the highway, back to the man who now is showing us a new service, a still of U.S.A. map on the wall with attractive holiday locations marked on each state. A small modelled ship is on the table below. Address slide for souvenir the other side of the map is shown with more details on each location.
3) A woman visiting in a shop of razors, behind the counter the salesman explains about the formidable qualities of the G HEADED shaving machine. A bearded man is shown in close up shaving his beard off with a Remington Shaver. The smiling customer is interested in buying the new product for her father. Close up of old style shaver in comparison to a new one. The salesman suggest an offer of new for old and two weeks to try without commitment. A close up of Remington Electric shaver in its body, surrounded by shaving powder sticks.
4) A man's face, on his hat it says 'Bardahl' a detective's story style cartoon. He picks up the phone looking concerned. A tow truck is brining an open car with a miserable looking blonde. The man comes and checks the car and calls for Bardahl, who comes dressed in black. He pours 'cans of oil, now the car looks shiny and ready to go, they take off their hats as she leaves. Close up of an oil can of bardahl held in a hand, being held by selling agents.
5) A woman cleans the kitchen floor in fast motion. Someone shouts stop! Close up of her face. Wax being poured on the floor wipe and spread on the floor. A still of the 'Simoniz' container. Animation of microscopic look at the kitchen floor. The special Vinyl formula is sealing the surface, where dirt can now bounce of it.

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