Film: 499

Canals + Waterways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


The River Nile Egypt 1960's

desert with camel, map.
The blue river and a strip of cultivated land with the desert beyond.
A counterweight irrigation, a double version, waterwheel with clay pots.
Archimedes screw or Archimedes wheel to lift water.
Man with camel.
Great pyramid and sphinx.
Nile in flood and Nile silt is worked.
Dam the first cataract or Aswan dam and reservoir. Barrages and how they work.
Cairo when it is 2 million. Alexandria docks, cranes and barges. Locks through the Aswan dam. Flood and silt.
Philae temple flooded
The planning of the building of the Abu Simbal dam. Hydro electric power station.

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