Film: 4990

Railways | 1920 | Silent | B/W


A Southern Railway film about train construction 1920's

Title with a vignette drawing of a train.
Inter title " Few things in daily life are as fascinating and impressive and a powerful locomotive. But, locomotives don't just happen….they have to be built. ( It takes three weeks even to assemble a really big fellow ) "
Eastleigh works. Four men work on the side panel of a loco, rivetting and using a large held hammer. They work in the locomotive works factory floor. Two men work hard between two huge sets of train wheels. The boiler is on an overhead crane and is lowered onto a bogey. Eight men work furiously with a foreman in a bowler hat watching. Intense industry. Loads of men in boiler suits work at the mostly assembled engine.
Inter title " When the giant is completed with his tender he'll weigh 140 tons. Locomotive is suspended on an overhead crane, it lowered slowly next to other locos.
" Few people ever have this underneath view of an engine. "
" Then comes the day when brilliant and glossy the giant leaves the shed. "
A small engine is outside (Queen Genevieve ?). The larger ' King Arthur ' emerges from the shed.
" Two older engines are no match for this master King Arthur type ". The large one push bumper to bumper against two smaller trains. The wheels slip for some time and the locomotives are pushed backwards down the track.
" And then to work " King Arthur emerges from under the over head control rooms at Clapham Junction.
" The Flyer - eating up the countryside at 80 miles per hour "
Two locomotives rush past.

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