Film: 4991

Railways | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Very much part of the Orient Express type first class Pullman service of the boat trains and services across the continent 1940's

Close up of front bumper of a train with sign saying the "Bournemouth" locomotive No: 21018, Southern Railway. Backs up to carriage waiting at the platform, driver looks out of the window as he reverses. People at the edge of the picture on the platform, some in top hats. Close up of front of train, in the station. Stationmaster, driver and railway worker on the front of the train. A worker handles a white disk to show a flyer is coming through. Close up of driver and stoker, leaning out of the cab window. They are described as a 'crack driver and stoker'. Close up of fire box. Pan down words "Pullman" and " Bournemouth Belle" along top of carriages. Passenger seen sitting in a window. Ticket collector clips the ticket inside carriage. Woman in dining car drinks soup, with a man. They are described as a honeymoon couple. Older woman drinking soup. Man in RAF uniform in the driving carriage. Waiter serves silver service style from a tray. Another puts out plates to seated passengers. A man and his dog in a train seat. Two men eat lunch as the train speeds along. View of the tracks running behind. Woman sits in seat. Woman and baby who yawn in the train. Man asleep in his seat.

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