Film: 4996

Railways | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Adams Radial On the Bluebell Preservation Railway travelling from Sheffield Park to Horsted Keynes 1960's

Steam comes out of a funnel. In the signal box a lever is pulled and a signal goes down. On the station a guard waves his green flag. Locomotive no. 488 (Adams Radial) steams out of Sheffield Park station pulling a passenger train. Close up of the wheels as she passes. Shots from the cab as we journey, of the drivers and the funnel and boiler cap. An inspector checks tickets inside the observation car. The train moves through the countryside past open fields and trees. Nice shots taken from various angles. The train passes under a bridge. Inside the cab the fire is stoked. More general shots of the engine and train. In the observation coach people look out of the window. The train comes into Horsted Keynes station, puffing out white steam.

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