Film: 4998

Sport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Interesting shots of fans and vendors along Wembley Way.
Cup Final, 1961 Spurs V Leicester)
Title over orange football on white line on grass. Shot of rosette seller wearing overcoat, jacket, shirt, tie, and cap. Rosettes for Leicester are blue and white, Tottenham, navy blue and white. Both have tin FA Cups in the middle. Close up of rosettes on a board, blowing in the wind. Under the Spur's ones the word 'El-Supremo' can be seen. Another rosette seller with a beard pins a rosette on a customer's lapel. These shots are from along Wembley Way. A woman is also seen pinning a rosette to the lapel of her white raincoat. Another young lady has a rosette pinned on her sweater by a peak capped vendor. Leicester fan shown with small monkey in pink baby's cardigan on one shoulder and a yellow and blue parrot on the other shoulder. Apart from white shirt, tie, and raincoat, he wears two hats on his head along with his spectacles. Shot of back of spectators making their way up Wembley Way to the stadium. one of the twin towers can be seen in the background. Two young Leicester fans hold a large banner advertising their team. More fans pass by the camera on their way to the ground.

Close up of large rosette with Tottenham's cockerel emblem displayed in the centre. This is inside the ground leaning against the front of the terracing. The camera pans upwards to a young Tottenham fan in bobble hat and scarf, whirling his rattle. High shot of packed crowd waving white pieces of paper. Cut to the two teams entering the arena, led by their respective managers. Leicester by Matt Gillies (now deceased) and Tottenham by Bill Nicholson. Leicester wear all blue tracksuits and Tottenham white tracksuit tops. Respective captains Jimmy Walsh and Danny Blanchflower can be seen followed by their goalkeepers, Gordon Banks and Bill Brown. Ron Henry, Les Allen, Bobby Smith, Terry Dyson, and Cliff Jones of Tottenham can be seen, as can Leicester's Tony Knapp and Frank McLintock. Camera switches to the backs of the players walking on the pitch. Shot of jubilant Spurs fans in crowd. The Duchess of Kent, in hat and fur wrap, is introduced to the Leicester team by captain Jimmy Walsh. Sir Stanley Rous can be seen behind them. She then meets Danny Blanchflower, who introduces her to the Tottenham side. Reverse shot of her shaking hands with Dave Mackay and John White. She wears gloves and carries a handbag. Shot of cockerel effigies held by fans in the crowd.

Switch to the centre circle where the two captains toss a coin for choice of ends, while the referee observes. Blanchflower tosses the coin and Walsh calls incorrectly. High shot as teams prepare for Leicester to kick off. Cliff Jones of Tottenham is seen on the ball riding a Leicester tackle. Cut to Tottenham's Terry Dyson in possession faced by a Leicester defender. Action switches to Leicester attack. Slow motion shot of Tottenham's goalkeeper Bill Brown catching a cross on his goal line under pressure from a Leicester forward. Colleagues Baker, Mackay, and Henry can be seen giving support. Long shot of Leicester attack as the ball is headed clear by Maurice Norman. His team mate Baker collides with an opposition forward and lies on the grass injured. The referee stops play as players inspect Baker's injury. Another long, high, shot from behind the Tottenham goal. Cut to a huddle of Leicester players and their trainer around injured len Chalmers. He lies back on the pitch to receive treatment to his knee. He is to become a passenger for the rest of the match. Cut to a high shot of a Tottenham attack. Closer shot of Blanchflower on ball. His centre is headed away by the opposition defence.

Next Terry Dyson crosses from the right wing and the ball is slammed home by Cliff Jones. However, the linesman raises his flag for offside as soon as the ball leaves Dyson's boot and the Tottenham goal is disallowed. Both sets of players raise their arms for different reasons. High shot of crowd as half-time arrives. Tottenham kick off the second half. A Leicester attack breaks down as Brown fields the ball. Another attack and Leicester shoot wide of the goal. High shot of Tottenham attacking, then slow motion action from behind the goal of Terry Dyson heading over the Leicester crossbar. Another Tottenham attack and a long shot shows Bobby Smith control the ball and shoot home Tottenham's first goal. Tottenham players mob Smith and the crowd are shown cheering. Jones is shown leading a Tottenham attack before Bobby Smith crosses to Terry Dyson who heads home the second goal. Spurs fans shown cheering with their rattles. Slow motion shot from behind the goal of Banks unsuccessfully trying to save the second goal.

More shots of crowd, then Blanchflower seen receiving cup in Royal Box from Duchess of Kent. Close up of Blanchflower receiving cup and winner's medal. He moves along balcony as his colleagues collect their medals. He is shown descending the steps from the Royal Box with the cup as fans pat him on the shoulder. Crowd shot, then Tottenham players running around perimeter of ground with cup. Brown, Baker, Blanchflower, Dyson, Smith, Jones, Norman, and White can be seen. Higher shot of Blanchflower and Smith holding cup while running along touchline. Then Les Allen and Blanchflower with the cup.

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