Film: 500

Food + Drink | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Fishing fleet of Kingston-Upon-Hull 1950's

Fish landed from the trawlers at Hull, all night, the fish comes ashore, haddock and cod
7.30 the auction of the fish on the dockside in the huge covered warehouses. The auction, the buyers names dropped into the buckets. Lots of men inspect the lots, the auctioneers in full flood. Salesmen phone the inland markets. Man in white coat discusses the prices over the telephone, lots of heads talking into various telephones. Some in flat caps, some in suits. Wheeling buckets. Boats heads out of harbour. Quayside is washed down. Filleting for the local shops. Women filleting fish in a huge warehouse. Herring girls, haddock girls. The filleters at work. Boxed cod fillets. Trains loaded, BR loco no 69094 pulls out of the docks steam goods loco.

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