Film: 5001

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Cunard liner Queen Elizabeth to U.S.A. from Southampton to New York 1950's

Transatlantic ocean liner. American freeway in countryside. Unidentified North American city high level view. Hills of the Rocky mountains. Tropical beach in U.S.A., possibly Florida with lots of people on beach, plus palm trees. Elderly people look at statue. Man taking photograph of countryside with road in distance. Niagara Falls with person waving their arm in the foreground. Map showing where Cunard liners sail from in Europe to Canada and America. Only the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary make weekly express journeys.
Waterloo Railway Station in London, with a couple walking along a railway station platform next to a railway carriage. Man in bowler hat in background. Couple kiss and take a fond farewell. The Cunard Express train from Waterloo to Southampton departs. Southampton's Ocean Terminal. People walk up and down dockside looking at a big liner. The Queen Elizabeth is waved off and towed backwards by a tug. People on ship wave to crowds at the ocean terminal. Ship has two funnels. A diagonal downwards look at people leaning against railing of ship, two of whom, a ma a woman smoke cigarettes. Liner at Cherbourg, Normandy, France where more passengers are picked up.
People on deck loungers talking and woman painting in a sketch book. Four people chatting, two women wearing very fifties sunglasses. People walking on deck. Women wearing headscarves. On deck of the Queen Elizabeth. Inside, people enter on of the 35 lifts on the ship. Sign indicating location of different floors. People sitting on sofas in a lounge. People in a library. A first class state room with three vases of flowers. A woman eating breakfast in bed as man in silken dressing gown looks on a reads newspaper. Elderly couple read a pamphlet together. Row of three barbers at work cutting the hair of three men. Women being tended to in beauty salon. Woman passenger hands white dinner jacket and her own pink suit to valet. We are told the 'informal dress' for dinner includes an optional dinner jacket. People wearing evening wear at a gala get together dance on the first evening. They are dressed formally. People swap dance partners and dance. The lines of men and women holding hands as they move along each other select the partner opposite themselves to dance with. Lines of balloons are attached to the ceiling. A dancing display by the ship's resident dancing couple. As the couple finish and make their bows the audience of passengers applaud.
Balloons are released from the ceiling. Now couples dance the balloon dance, the object of which is to keep the balloon aloft between the couple's foreheads for as long as possible. After a while the couples are standing back to back with the balloons still between their heads. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II hangs on the wall in the background.
A couple in twin beds has a leisurely breakfast served in bed. Each is served by a waitress. The woman or wife, looks remarkably well made up considering she must surely have just woken up! Wife smiles as waitress pours her a coffee.
Various deck games. Spectators watch four men throwing a ring back and for over a high net. This is 'deck tennis'. One man throws the ring into the net. Two women play 'shuffleboard'. On a covered deck two men play 'paradise tennis' and another pair play 'ping pong'. Betting on the number of miles the ship will travel in from noon to noon over a twenty four hour period takes place when people bet on the ship's totaliser. Interesting pre-inflationary ticket prices of 7/- or $1 for a ticket. Man marks off passengers bets on a blackboard. Officers using a sextant to check the ship's position. Man writes the answer '730' on the blackboard.
The wake of the ship. Pan down to people watching new deck games. Couples traipse around a line of chairs playing 'musical chairs'. The twist in this game is that man must sit down with woman sitting on his lap. People are amused and laugh as the game proceeds. Another game is 'break the balloon', where men attempt to break a balloon on a woman's lap by bouncing up and down on it till it bursts. Two officers help steady a man whilst he tries to burst balloon, having already slid off woman's lap once. The games section we are currently watching are the 'gymkhana'. Game whereby women crawl under a bar placed just above the ground (a poor man's limbo dancing). The bar is lowered till woman takes it off with her backside. A musical moment with a type of rudimentary skiffle band playing maracas, and stringed instruments. The whole of the rhythm section is motioned to stand en masse by the conductor. They stand. Women smile happily - they are enjoying the game.
An indoor salt water swimming pool with a woman wearing a bathing cap climbing into the swimming pool down a ladder. People in a cinema for the screening of a film. The curtains of the quite small screen start to open. Several foursomes of elderly people playing bridge at a card table. A woman window shopping. As she enters a store an assistant shows her an item. Gifts. Officer serving a tray of tea to an elderly gentleman on a sunlounger on the rear deck. A white-coated steward carries a second tray. A different couple - she wearing a scarf, and both smiling huge smiles as she pours out drink of milk or tea from a jug. Close up selection of cakes from a tray. Very fifties woman drinks tea - she wears a head scarf and sunglasses. In the observation bar and lounge. Barman mixes, sakes and pours a cocktail. Waiter serves cold canapés to a couple. Man and woman select food. Children's' tea party. A waiter putting food out. A trained nurse with the children, who have balloons and some of whom wear hats and / or masks. Children's' party. The buffet table with all the food spread out. A fantastic food spread in the restaurant. Smartly dressed people receiving trolley service at the Queen Elizabeth's restaurant. Food presentation before the actual service of the food. Close up of chef carving meat. People wearing evening dress and dinner jackets for dinner. An after dinner headdress parade. Many passengers process past in a variety of novel hats and head dresses. One in particular is applauded - 'Excess Baggage. Things I Should Na Brung' which is decorated with lots of clothes and shoes. One woman wears an upturned umbrella on her head. The dance show couple perform again and couples dance on the dance floor. Arrival at New York City. Ship passing the Statue of Liberty. People in the foreground by the ship's rail look at New York. The ship docking. Press photographers taking pictures of Arab men in traditional Arabian clothing, standing with one western woman on board ship. Good shot of the bows of the Queen Elizabeth and the 'busy' West Side Highway in the foreground. The road has about three cars on it.
Film Ends.

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