Film: 5005

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Walter Forde in a dual comedy role, as Walter and Lord Gadabout. Old Sennett style car action 1920's.

Family argument ensues in the parlour. A man stands by the wall as his wife and her brother throw items from the table at him. He struggles to hold his monocle in place. The brother has a ridiculously shaggy moustache. He demands the man recognises his sister as the man's wife or he'll kill him. More arguing before the man escapes the room, locking his wife and her brother in the room. He flees from the building to a waiting car. The driver has the door open for him. The closes it behind him and gets into the driver's seat and drives off.
The real Lord Gadabout returns home with the ball in full swing. Walter and Lord Gadabout's sister return to the house, having escaped their kidnappers. Walter is now discovered as an imposter and is thrown out. The Lord's sister runs to him as he sits on the lawn.
But the whole scenario has just been a dream, as Walter wakes up in the arms of the policeman, following his accident. His passenger, Lord Gadabout, is pulled from the wrecked car and dusted down. Lord Gadabout's car and driver arrive and he takes his leave. Walter is left with the policeman, his wrecked car and his clothes in rags. THE END.

A car advert in a paper.
A battered looking car is parked in a yard. Walter is polishing a lantern which he fits to the front windshield. He makes a token gesture as polishing the vehicle. Bits of the windshield are tied with string. A large rotund man in a suit walks into the yard and shows Walter the newspaper ad he has with him. The two men discuss the vehicle. The prospective buyer walks around the car, inspecting it - the door is falling off, the fender is wobbly, the whole body rocks violently on the chassis. The lift up roof hood is torn and doesn't fit. The man asks how it self starts. Walter demonstrates a primitive method of starting the car and it bursts into life with a plume of smoke. The buyer asks for a test drive. Walter tries to fill a watering can from a water pump, but the water squirts all over the buyer. Walter mops the man's face with a hanky but it is covered in oil or ash and the man's face ends up blackened. Walter fills the radiator with water from the can, but it pours straight out the bottom of the radiator. The buyer gets in the car with difficulty, slipping and struggling to fit. The door, side board and fender all fall off. Walter dons some large gloves. A woman in an upstairs room empties a bag of garbage on top of the car. Walter clambers into the car and across the fat man to the driver's side. Walter drives the car in reverse before driving forward to a set of gates. He gets out but can't open the gates as he's stopped too close. He pushes the car backwards to make room to open the gates. They hit the gate on the way out. They drive onto a football pitch and pass a policeman and stop abruptly. Walter lights a cigarette off the radiator, it is so hot. The cop tells them to move off. Walter pushes the car back. Meanwhile a smart looking car is stopped while the driver tries to fix a problem, with the hood up. The driver is hurried by his passenger, who prods him with a walking stick. Walter continues his test drive with his potential car buyer and they are filmed heading towards the camera. The buyer falls out of the car as Walter turns a bend. Walter doesn't realise and continues driving and talking to his passenger. He looks startled when he realises his passenger is missing. The passenger sits in the middle of the road gesturing after the car.
Walter keeps driving and comes across the smart looking car that has broken down. Walter stops and talks to the driver who is still trying to repair the car. As Walter interferes, the drivers shoos him off. Walter then starts talking to the passenger and realises he is his identical double image. The passenger hands him his business card (Lord Gadabout). The man picks up his fur coat from the vehicle and walks to Walter's car. He dons some goggles and gets in the car with Walter, before they drive off at a fast pace. They weave along country lanes before crashing into a brick wall. Only Walter is left sitting on the ground, still holding the steering wheel. A policeman helps him and finds the business card in his pocket. Another bystander comes to assist. End of Part One.

Walter wakes up in bed surrounded by suited manservants, concerned for his welfare. Walter has been mistaken for the gentleman who gave him his business card and was his identical "double" or twin. Walter is dazed as he is served a cup of tea in bed. One of the servants brushes his suits. Another servant pours cologne into his bath. He is assisted out of bed and into his dressing gown, before walking to the bathroom aided by 5 servants.
Walter is now dressed and is seated at a table in the dining room, once again surrounded by servants. Plates are bought out to him, but the attentive servants remove the plates before he gets to eat the food. Walter pockets one of the expensive heavy spoons and shuns the servants fawning efforts.
A ball takes place that evening. Couples dance in the ballroom. Walter descends the stairs in his elaborate evening attire, complete with feathered hat and sword hanging from is waist. He practices lunges with his sword and cuts himself clumsily when sheathing the sword. He stands by the bar and drinks punch directly from the ladle in the punch bowl. He steals cigars and is approached by a gentleman, who follows him, but turns out, only wants to pay him back some money he was lent. Walter can't believe his luck and smiles and takes the cash.
Four suspiscious looking people arrive at the ball. A man and woman in fancy dress enter, while two others disappear out of sight. The man finds Walter amongst the guests and confronts him, demanding that "he announces his sister as his wife". He doesn't know what the man is talking about and makes his escape before stumbling into the sister who grabs him by the wrist to prevent his escape. Walter is confused but is cornered by both the brother and sister who hold knives. They threaten him and lead him away.
Lord Gadabout's sister is at the ball and follows the group outside before shouting for help. She ends up being bundled into a cab along with Walter. The cab stops outside a building and the group are ushered into a house. Walter is pushed into a room and held at gunpoint. The sister is kept in another room. The woman demands that Walter acknowledges her as his wife. Walter's captors leave the room and the chair Walter is sitting on collapses. He listens at the door as one of the kidnappers locks the door. Walter pulls on the rug from under the door and the man on the other side goes tumbling down the stairs. He then pulls the rug under the door to retrieve the key. He lets himself out and rescues the other woman who was kidnapped (his "sister"). A chase ensues around the house with lots of ornaments being broken. The two eventually escape from the house and drive off in the car, leaving their captors standing on the steps.

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