Film: 5006

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Salt mine in Kansas U.S.A. where atomic waste or nuclear waste is stored 1970's

Railway transportation by Rock Island Line. Public meeting, Governor of Kansas and others talk. Testing cases for nuclear waste with fire, dropping them and so on 1970's

Opening scene shows Diesel Engine 5651 – Rio Grande transporting Radio Active Waste to safe storage 1000ft below the surface in a salt mine.
Sign naming the site as Project Salt Vault, Oak Ridge National Depository, Lyons, Kansas.
2m15ss:- A Public Meeting being held to answer questions regarding the safety of a depository and its impact on present and future generations.
John Irvine of the Atomic Energy Commission confirms that they had taken advice from various sources regarding the effective ways of managing waste products.
As Atomic Energy is now used to generate heat instead of coal and gas it also has waste products for disposal.
6m 12ss:- Graphics are used here to explain the process of melting and separating the Radio Active parts for onward transmission to the depository.
A detailed explanation is given of all the safety measures taken to ensure the safe transportation of all R.A. materials on their journey to the depository. These measures have been safely taken for 25years.
Other weaker R.A.Materials can be transported in 25gallon drums to a salt mine where they can be safely stored because of the geological conditions which have developed over 100s of millions of years.
10m32ss:- More graphics explaining the ideal environment for depositing waste in a geological zone undisturbed for 500,000000years with no evidence of any activity during that time including earthquakes and covering an area of 10,000 miles with salt 300ft thick.
12m47ss:-Because of the increasing growth in the Nuclear Power Industry 15years have been devoted to intense research to reduce the waste into different forms where it cannot burn or explode. These methods are gone into in great detail including the extensive safety methods used at all times.
20m22ss:- Back to the conference for a simulated Truck crash and testing done to ensure leakage has not occurred.
23m04ss:- Demonstration of methods used for R. A. Material disposal.
25m09ss:- More graphics . They are confident that Waste will be virtually isolated from Man and his environment.
The 15years of study and development have culminated in a system of disposal that re-opens the way to the increased use of Nuclear Power.
A system that uses solidifying, storing and transporting R.A. Waste from beginning to end with the emphasis on SAFETY.

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